MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 19 Written Updates 14 January 2023 – Wild Stone Challenge Timings, Results, and Twists

Justin D’Cruz once again talked with Sakshi about the whole mess with Tara Prasad. Sakshi tells him that we’re not an ideal match and we won’t get anything by performing together. She tells Justin that even if she performs with Tara, still her priority is Justin. Justin tells Sakshi Shrivas to dump him in the next dumping ground.

Splitsvillains gets a scrolls and it reads, “Its time for the wild stone challenge and it will be done by only girls to woo their man and the winning girls will get a chance to go on a special date with their man. Girl have to divide themselves in groups of two’s and trio’s”

The three teams were as follows :

  • Moose Jattana and Sakshi Shrivas
  • Prakshi Goyal, Hiba Trabelssi, and Mehak Sembhy
  • Shrea Prasad and Soundous Moufakir

Wild Stone Challenge Details – Girls will go to local market and there will be shops with wild stone flags and they will get some dares there, which will be completed by them. It will be a time based task and the girls group which competed all the dares first will win.

  • Dare 1 – Find a couple in the market and Dance with the guy.
  • Dare 2 – Convince a guy to do 20 pushups for you.
  • Dare 3 – Convince a shopkeeper to give you one item for free
  • Dare 4 – Confess your feelings for your connection in the market

Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani announced that ideal matches (Pema Amir and Akashlina Kashish) will stay at the villa and a surprise is waiting for them back in the villa.

Amir Hossein & Pema Leilani were drinking juice together in the villa in the swimming pool and he was making her laugh a lot. Akashlina Chandra was trying to impress Kashish Thakur and he started manipulating her to get her away from Soundous. Akashlina tells Kashish Thakur that she doesn’t trust Hamid & Soundous right now and she can go against them for him.

Akashlina tells Kashish Thakur to go in the pool with her and then he took of his shirt. Kashish tells Akashlina that he is missing Mehak and she tells him that she is going to dump her. Akashlina showed her secret tattoo to Kashish and he was blushing after seeing it.

Arjun Bijlani entered the villa at night and girls came back after completing the Wild Stone challenge. Amir tells Arjun that he liked the surprise a lot. Mehak finds out about the quality time Akashlina & Kashish spent together at the pool and she got very angry knowing about this. Honey Kamboj reveals in front of Mehak that Akashlina opened Kashish Thakur’s shirt at the pool.

Finally Arjun Bijlani started announcing the Wild Stone task results :

  • Shrea Prasad and Soundous Moufakir completed the challenge in 31 minutes
  • Moose Jattana and Sakshi Shrivas completed the challenge in 25 minutes
  • Prakshi Goyal, Hiba Trabelssi, and Mehak Sembhy completed the challenge in 21 minutes

Sakshi Shrivas revealed that she brought gifts for both Justin & Tara and she said at the market in front of the public that she is in love with two boys. Tara tells her that he needs clarity and Moose tells him that you are now scaring her. Justin tells Tara that we need to give her some time.

Moose brought a key chain for Honey Kamboj and he accepted it. Shrea Prasad brought a T-shirt for her bedroom partner Pema Leilani and then she gave it to Sohail. Soundous gave a T-shirt to Hamid Barkzi. Prakshi Goyal, Mehak Sembhy, and Hiba Trabelssi brought only one thing and that’s why their time was not considered valid.

Sakshi Shrivas and Moose Jattana wins the Wild Stone Challenge.

Sakshi and Moose will be safe in the next dumping session. Arjun Bijlani announced that Sakshi Shrivas will go on a special date night with both Justin D’Cruz and Tara Prasad.

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