Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 6 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Rini’s father was seeing her pics on his phone thinking about her then her mother suggests him to call her. He says that I tried to call her many times but I did not find the courage to do so. Her father says that I was hearing people’s taunts from last 10 years that when will you get your daughter married now what should I say that we have found the groom uncle. Her brother says rich groom uncle and his mother responds keep quiet. Her mother asks her father should we hire Pappu (Goon) then he says leave it as our son-in-law will stay alive for 2 to 3 days and even that Pappu looks more of a joker then a goon.

One of Nandini’s boyfriend makes a video call with her sitting on the toilet seat then he asks her why are you looking so constipated, She says nothing I had an argument with my dad so my mood is off. He says ok then come home for a little bang bang. She says I am getting late and I have to tell Shagun mam to do some punching for me. He says ok we will meet tomorrow then Shagun says I let you know bye. The guy abuses Nandini in her mind while Nandini receives a phone call from Abhay.

Ajay Singhania on his bed was making love to a girl and Shanaya calls him. She tells him congratulation, we got the license and now we can fly high. Ajay says I am already flying high baby and continues to romance that girl.

Pappu went to the Pandey ji’s house to threaten him but he gets scared seeing the guard on gate with a machine gun. He tells the guard that I am Rini’s mama and I came to meet her. The watchman takes his pistol and tells him to go inside. Pappu gets too much scared seeing gun in every guards hands and then Rini came to meet her. He asks her that why are they all holding guns then she says because Pandey ji is a big builder so he gets threats a lot. Rini asks Nandu to bring the food for him and Pappu tells one of his side goon to read the newspaper for him.

Ajay Singhania calls Shanaya on phone and asks him where are you at your house or at someone else’s house. She says very funny. Ajay says come to the office right now then Shanaya says I will come in two hours and he says no worries bye.

Shanaya went to the office and everyone was clapping for her standing there with Ajay Singhania. He says congratulations CEO Woodpecker Airlines and she gets happy. He says you know it costs me a fortune but it was not possible without you so you deserve it. He says come lets celebrate and he opens the champagne with her in the cabin and says cheers to Woodpecker Airlines and our CEO. Shanaya says thank you. Ajay gifts Shanaya a expensive gold ring and a car and she gets happy.

Shagun comes back home from the job and gives money to her mother and says will I now get one cup tea. Her mother gets happy. Rini calls Shagun and informs her that she is getting married and invites her to her bachelorette party. Shagun gets happy hearing the news.

Shanaya in her cabin was hiring the air hostesses for the Woodpecker Airlines by looking at their body. Mayra came and says I have done my graduation. Shanaya says shut up, I am not interested in your qualification as I am interested in seeing. Mayra says what do you mean. Shanaya says take off your clothes. Mayra says I did not came here for air hostess job as I came her for IT head job. Shanaya says really such a shame as I think you can be a good air hostess then Mayra says means. Shanaya says you are selected if you are interested working in any other department. Mayra says if growth is good then why not. Shanaya says don’t worry about that and Mayra says thank you mam. Shanaya receives a phone call from Rini and she tells Mayra you may go and Mayra leaves. Rini informs Shanaya about her bachelorette party.

Nandini and Abhay were eating sandwiches at a Food Joint and she tells him that after that incident I got permission to wear jeans at home. Abhay asks him how are the sandwiches then she says nice. Abhay says this is my food joint. Nandini was receiving calls from both her boyfriends Bobby and Lucky but she disconnected them and got a bit embarrassed in front of Abhay but then they had a fun chat and enjoyed the food.

Rini’s parents were hosting Pandey ji at their house. Her father offers him sweets but he says I have sugar then Pappu and both his goons makes fun of Pandey ji.

Bobby and Lucky came to Nandini house as Sadanand and Gyanendar. They were talking to her father and Nandini gets shocked. They looked at each other with surprise.

Ajay Singhania was in his cabin and two girls came inside. They both took of their blazers and started making love to him and Ajay starts smiling.

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