Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 2 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Shanaya went to a garment store and she saw a expensive dress after which she asked the shopkeeper for the price and she tells Shayana that it costs around Rs 40,000 but it was out of Shanaya’s budget. Shanaya starts seeing other low budget dresses after which she receives a message from Ajay Singhania saying that he is sending a car to pick her up then Shanaya replied ‘Not Interested’ after which Ajay message that ‘Ajay Singhania Har Ladki ke liye car nahi bhejta’. Shanaya receives a call and says just sent me the address. Shanaya tells the shopkeeper that she will buy the expensive dress tomorrow.

A girl receives a call from her father that he can’t come home today as Nikita aunty is having some problems. She calls two of her boyfriends and asks them to come home as she is alone. Both the boyfriends of the girl came home and she starts making love with both of them at the same time on bed.

Shagun came to her boyfriend’s home and he offered her a drink after which she starts telling him about her childhood in a poor family as her father teaches her to steal. He used to care for her as well as she was beautiful so she got a job of an air hostess easily. Her boyfriend says that I don’t know that your past was so dark but your future will be bright. Her boyfriend starts kissing her and takes off her air hostesss blazer on couch and they both started kissing each other. He opens her shirt buttons and Shagun gets up and her boyfriend grabs her from behind and they both started making love in the living room. The scenes of that other girl making love with two of her boyfriends on bed were also shown.

Shanaya came to Ajay Singhania’s house and he was upstairs as two other girls were there and they say bye darling it was fun to him in front of Shanaya. Shanaya asks him are there any more girls then he says that they came to meet his son and asks her to join him for a drink. Shanaya says that I need a shower first then Ajay says its over there and then he tells her that the lock of the door is damaged and she went inside saying expected. Ajay went behind her and he made love with her in the washroom.

The bulky hot girl meets the old guy again at his house and he offered her a ring as it was a marriage proposal. She remembers Shagun words that he’s her lottery. She asks him are you doing it in a hurry then he asks her do you feel like it and she says not at all.

Ajay Singhania was in his bedroom sitting on a chair and Shanaya came and takes off her robe and sits on his lap after which they both started kissing. Ajay Singhania puts her on bed and takes off her inner wears and started making love with her. After the romance Shanaya says that was beautiful amazing then Ajay says that was too good man then Shanaya says that was fun. Ajay says Shanaya I think its getting late you should leave then she says yeah yeah 2 mins. Ajay says no its getting late and puts her on side. Shanaya wears her clothes back and gets in the car and Ajay came in the balcony staring at her. Shanaya on her way back sees that expensive dress on the shop’s window and gets emotional.

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