Today Kundali Bhagya Episode 23 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Pihu calls Preeta baby doll

Rakhi and Mahesh had an argument. He says sorry to her. Rishabh asks him about it. Mahesh says he should learn saying sorry to his wife if he wants to live a peaceful life. Sarla starts running seeing the drug peddlers and they started chasing her again. Sarla sees Rishabh from upstairs and she shouts for help but in time drug peddlers catches her and takes her to a room.

Rishabh thinks that he heard Sarla screaming his name. Mahesh notices that Rishabh is worried and he asks him what happened, Rishabh says he feels Sarla was calling him, Mahesh says he cannot see her anywhere, Rishabh looks at the balcony. Drug peddlers took Sarla to the room and made her unconscious with the help of chloroform.

Sherlyn comes to Kareena’s room and Kareena was talking to Sanjana. Sherlyn takes the phone from her and tells her mom that she will call back later. Sherlyn tells Kareena that Sonakshi used to love Karan during college days so maybe they had romance and that’s why Pihu was born. Kareena says no Karan was not like this as he used to do flirt but nothing else. Kareena tells her not to tell anyone about this again.

Rishabh and Karan both were taking selfies. Preeta and Pihu come to the party, Pihu points towards Karan, Preeta went to him asks what has he done. Karan says what does she mean. Preeta questions why did he leave Pihu alone in the toy room. Karan says she was not alone as she had Kuku her doll with her. Preeta mentions it is a toy and cannot take care of her. Rishabh also starts scolding Karan saying he must not be so irresponsible.

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Karan says he should not take her side as things have changed, Rishabh questions what has changed as they are still a big family. Rishabh then says to Preeta even Karan is not that wrong as he admits that not everyone in the house is family as 98% percent of those are a part of the family. Preeta still explains it is not right to leave the child alone as she is really young. Pihu insists that Preeta lift her up in her arms.

Preeta lifts Pihu in her arms and Pihu says that both Papa and Rishabh are wrong as papa left her alone in the toy room. She asks what would have happened as if anyone kidnapped her. Rishabh says how could anyone take her when they both are here. Pihu then says to Preeta there is nothing to worry about as they both would protect her. She however says her mother is the best then she calls Preeta a baby doll. Rishabh asks Pihu to come with him as they will give some time to the both of them.

Sonakshi went in the room where Sarla was kept unconscious behind a cupboard. Sonakshi calls Yashvardhan and tells him that she is thinking she should confess her true feelings to Karan. Yashvardhan says don’t do that. She says she will get Pihu to her side then she will separate Karan from Preeta.

Preeta was looking for Sarla and she entered the room but did not managed to find Sarla there. Preeta then joins everyone downstairs for Ganpati aarti and they all bow in front of Bappa’s idol.

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