Ullu Web Series Woodpecker Episode 1 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

The episode starts with a hot girl wearing a robe comes near a swimming pool in a hotel and there’s a guy relaxing inside the pool. The girl takes off her robe and enters the pool and starts swimming in front of the guy with sensual music playing in the background. After swimming the girl asks waiter for the drink, the guy says that you can have my juice as its good for health then the girls says what did your mom tell you this or your dad. The guy responds my dad then the girl says that it seems like you are still a 12 year old but no problem I will make you a man but for that I need a small payment of Rs 50,000 then she tells him to come to room 104 in 5 mins. The guy went inside the room and lies on bed the gir takes off her clothes in front of him and they both started making love. The scene end with the glass of juice falling from the table while both of them were enjoying.

In a small flat an air hostess comes back from her shift and her mom starts scolding her saying that her salary is not increasing and they are not being able to pay the bills. The father of the girl was watching TV. The girl says that I earn that much that I deserve a cup of tea.

In other scene Nandini was going for some work to Pune and she was looking for her father to say goodbye to him. Her father was making love to her mother in the bedroom and Nandini hears their voices from outside. The father comes outside and Nandini tells him that she is leaving, he tells her to find some other job so she don’t have to go out of town regularly.

In the next scene a hot bulky girl takes wine glass from a guy much much older then her after which she starts making love with him on bed but the guy fell asleep and the girl remained unsatisfied after which she went to the washroom and washes her face after which she enters the shower.

All four girls gets in their cars and leaves for their jobs. A guy was in the plane wearing a gold chain then the girls talked about it and Shagun says that I will handle it. Nandani came and tells the girls that Shagun mam’s shirts buttons are open then the girls says that still you need to learn a lot. Nandani says I will handle that passenger then the girls stopped her saying do you even know who he is then she asks who. The guy was reading the newspapers wearing expensive accessories.

The guy asks for water and Shagun attends him and the girls get jealous. Shagun steals his ring then shows it to girls saying its liquor king Ajay Singhania’s ring. But the other girl takes it off Shagun’s hand and gives it back to Ajay saying it fell down. Ajay says when did this happened. Ajay says this ring is very important to me as my son has gifted it to me then he says tell me how can I pay you back. The girl comes back and joins the other air hostesses and plane lands.

The old guy was looking at the bulky hot girl and Shagun says he is looking at you. The girl says but he can’t do anything thinking about the last night. Shagun tells her that he’s your lottery. Ajay Singhania seens a chit on which Shanaya’s number is written and he tears off the chit and throws it in the bin.

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