ULLU Web Series Mastram (2023) All Actress Name, Story Written Updates, Full Star Cast Info, Pics, and More

ULLU web series Mastram has been released already and it features gorgeous Tara Alisha Berry in the lead role along with multiple other hot actresses. Just like the film version, this Mastram web series is about a writer and his controversial novels based on his real life sexual experience with various women.

Mastram web series on ULLU OTT APP is available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu dubbed languages. It has multiple parts and it Part 1 was released on 8 December 2023, while its part 2 will release on 15 December 2023.

What is the name of lead actresses in ULLU Mastram Web Series?

Tara Alisha Berry, Kenisha Awasthi, Rani Chaterjee, Ambika, Abha Paul, Harshita Kushwaha, Amtita Das Gupta, Prakriti, and Komal are the main lead actresses in Mastram web series by ULLU OTT APP

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ULLU Web Series Mastram (2023) Full Story Written Updates

The story of ULLU Mastram web series revolves around a small town aspiring writer from the early 80’s named Rajaram. His initial book gets dismissded by the publisher after getting termed as boring. Frustrated by his failure, he opts for the wrong path and starts writing books based on his real life physical experiences with various women.

First Rajaram writes about his hot experience with a girl named Rani in the bus and the book gets very popular overnight. Rajaram gets a lot of money from the publisher and he gives a party to his friend Gopal and his Mamaji. Gopal and Rajaram gets drunk and then Rajaram narrates Gopal a story about his spicy encounter with his class teacher named Miss Rita. Later on, Rajaram writes a book on this experience.

Rajaram falls in love with a girl named Madhu and he went to her house with his Mamaji and Gopal for a marriage proposal, but Madhu’s mom throws them out by blaming Mamaji for his bad behaviour in the past. Mamiji tells Gopal and Rajaram about his face-off with Madhu’s mom in the train.

Rajaram meets Madhu and he tells her an emotional story about his parents demise during his childhood. Mamaji tells Rajaram about Nayyar sahab and his young wife. Sarita (Nayyar wife) came to Rajaram’s house to get sugar and she tells Rajaram that her kitchen tap is leaking.

Sarita takes Rajaram to her house and then he started fixing the tap. Sarita went to make tea for him. Sarita serves tea to Rajaram and then her husband arrived, after which Rajaram leaves. Rajaram secretly watches Nayyar and Sarita making out from the window, but Nayyar failed to satisfy her. Rajaram wrote a book on her titled Mallu Aunty Ka Malmal.

Sarita seeks help from Rajaram again to fix the shower and then they both made out under the shower, followed by bedroom. This book of Rajaram also became very popular. Gopal buys a copy of the book and gets excited reading it.

In a flight, a passenger was reading a Mastram book and the air hostess catches him. She snatches the book from him and then she started reading it in the cabin. The air hostess started getting excited while reading the book and the passenger came from behind, after which both of them started making out in the flight cabin.

Mamaji finally apologized to Madhu’s mom and she puts a Rakhi on his arm, after which they agreed to marry Madhu with Rajaram.

Rajaram meets Madhu in the market and she gets very impressed by him. He lied to her that he only writes Devika Ki Vyatha book.

Rajaram then writes a book about Baniya Ka Lollipop and it was the story about a Pehalwan’s choti bahu hot encounter with a Baniya (Shopkeeper). Even Mamaji started reading the Mastram book. Rajaram catches Mamaji while he was reading the book.

Madhu catches her college peon, while he was reading the Mastram book and then she tells Rajaram that she hates books like this. Rajaram went to the publisher Durga Prasad and tells him that he can’t write these kind of books anymore. Durga Prasad shows Rajaram the reality of the value of literature books by taking him to an old man’s shop. Rajaram gets attracted towards old man’s daughter named Sapna.

ULLU Web Series Mastram (2023) Complete Cast and Crew Names

  • Web Series Title – Mastram
  • Genre – Fantasy Drama
  • Lead Actors – Anshuman Jha as Rajaram, Jagat Singh Rawat as Mama, Aakash Dabhade as Gopal
  • Lead Actresses – Tara Alisha Berry as Madhu, Rani Chaterjee as Rani, Kenisha Awasthi as Miss Rita, Abha Paul as Sarita (Mallu Aunty), Harshita Kushwaha as Asha, Prakriti as Sapna, Amrita Das Gupta as Choti Bahu
  • Directed by – Anuj Kumar
  • D.O.P – Faroukh Mistry and Virendra Lanke
  • Written by Aryan Sunil
  • H.O.P – Priyanka Pal
  • Costume Stylish – A.K. Dhanya Shenoy and Nikita Yadav
  • Art Director – Shashikant Ranjan and Pratik Uppal
  • Produced by – Almighty Motion Picture

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