Ullu Web Series Takk (Part 1) Episode 2 Written Update with Sailesh & Aliya Naaz Hot Scenes Details

Sailesh was working at the reception and Mrs. Chopra came. She introduced herself to him and suddenly Rinki came there. Rinki tells Sailesh to help her in accounts and she will provide another trainer to mam. Sailesh says that his maths is weak and he knows about only one figure. Mrs. Chopra leaves from there. Rinki asks Sailesh, why aren’t you helping me and Sailesh says that Ragini needs my help more then you. Rinki says I hope he becomes impotent.

Mrs. Chopra went inside the GYM to do workout and a female instructor came, she offers help to Mrs. Chopra but Mrs. Chopra refused. Sailesh came and Mrs. Chopra says that she wants to get instructed by him. Sailesh says lets check your weight and Mrs. Chopra steps on his feet, she asks him to tell how much is her weight and he responds 60 KG, Mrs. Chopra says perfect. Rinki was seeing them from far and she says that this boy can’t do anything.

Next day at the GYM, a fat guy was doing running on treadmill and a hot girl started running on a treadmill next to him. He gets happy seeing her and suddenly a very slim guy came there after which both the fat guy and the slim guy started staring at each other. Sailesh came and he tells the fat guy to run slowly.

Sailesh spotted a cute hot girl working out in the GYM and he started imagining. Sailesh’s Imagination – Sailesh went to the girl and she tells him to give her training as well after which he started doing squats with her in a hot way. Both the girl and Sailesh went to her bedroom after which they both romanced each other there. – Imagination ended.

Sailesh went to the girl and he tells her to look front as your focus needs to be on workout and not on me. The girl says I was focused but you ruined both my focus and my mood. Sailesh says I will help you in maintaining your focus and your mood. Sailesh tried to flirt with her but she said that you are looking very desperate.

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The slim guy was having problem while doing bench press and Sailesh saved him. Both slim guy and fat guy started arguing regarding the hot girl and Sailesh tells them to make body first after which girls will come behind you. Sailesh offers to give that pill to the fat guy but he says that I don’t have any girlfriend.

Next day, Sailesh sees Mrs. Chopra at the GYM and he follows her to a room. They both started kissing there. Mrs. Chopra tells Sailesh that her husband is going out of India tomorrow, so you come to my house with all the GYM equipment’s. Sailesh says that those equipment’s will be made of iron.

At night Sailesh was drinking with his friend and his friend informed him that their common friend Santosh had a fracture on his private part. Sailesh got worried.

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