Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Zaroorat ) Episode 1 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

The episode started with Savita (Sharanya Jit Kaur) having a flashback of her alcoholic husband Ganesh (Neeraj Singh Rajput) beating her when she asked him for a new saree. She says that I’m the one who is earning money and he responds saying that you got work because of me. He kicks Savita in the belly and she cries. Back to Present – Savita looked at the scars on her body and then she moves on.

Savita reaches the place at where she works. The house owner Tejaswini (Vaidehee Bhave) tells her that you got late today after which she orders her to do the kitchen’s work and then clean up Kamlesh (Ravi Mishra) also change the gas cylinder in the evening. Tejaswini leaves from there.

Savita tells Kamlesh ‘who was on a wheelchair’ that firstly I will do kitchen’s work and then I will clean you up. She went in the kitchen and started cleaning utensils but then she started having pain in her hands.

Savita then took Kamlesh on the wheelchair in the washroom. She shaved his beard and then she dresses him up. She tells him that you are very handsome and if you would have been alright then there would have been many girls behind you. She also informs him that the girl in the neighbourhood was asking about him and she thinks that she loves him but after knowing that he is suffering from paralysis since last 8 years, she passed on her condolences.

Ganesh was drinking alcohol again in the evening and his bottle got empty. He holds the government responsible for increased alcohol prices. Savita comes back home from work and Ganesh asks her whether she brought her alcohol bottle or not. He checked her bag and takes out the bottle after which he started drinking again.

Savita went in the kitchen and Ganesh comes from behind. He grabbed her from behind and Savita requested him to leave her. Ganesh says I am finally in mood today after so long. He lifts her in his arms and then puts her on bed.

Ganesh started kissing Savita on face but she was not comfortable at first after which he started kissing on her belly. He turns Savita around then started kissing on her back and Savita was finally enjoying it. Ganesh then started kissing around Savita’s neck after which he slowly removed her blouse.

Both of them started kissing each other after which Savita takes off Ganesh’s shirt. He finally opened the hook of her bra and she was enjoying a lot. She was sitting on his lap and both of them started making intense love.

After making love Ganesh tells Savita to get aside and don’t try to be so romantic. He orders her rudely to make food for him as he is hungry.

Next morning Savita went to Kamelsh’s house again and Tejaswini tells her that she is leaving so take care of Kamlesh.

Savita tells Kamlesh that you have a nice life as you sit comfortably whole day and you have no tensions at all. She made him sit comfortably at a corner after which she started mopping the floor. Kamlesh was staring at Savita and she tells him that working at this house she feel like she is working at her own house. She further tells him that the day she doesn’t come for work, she doesn’t feel good as she feels like she wants something but ain’t getting it. Kamlesh moves his eyes while starting at her cleavage after which she covered it with her saree and then went to the kitchen.

Savita started washing utensils in the kitchen but then she started getting restless thinking about the moment when Kamlesh was staring at her. She went in the bedroom and opened the cupboard after which she took out a nighty.

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