Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Gaon Ki Garmi ) Episode 2 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Meenu Mami was doing preperations for the dinner and Raju comes there, he asks her what are you doing then she says that I am peeling peas and tomatoes. Raju says I like tomatoes a lot and want to drink their juice, Mami invites her to come and drink. Raju went to Mami and she gives him a tomato after which Raju starts eating it. Raju asks Mami why there is so much boldness in village as you are wearing saree in such a revealing fashion then Mami answers that weather is too hot in village so we make AC with clothes. Raju says I can help you in taking off your heat to which Mami asks How? Raju says by bringing AC from city hearing this Mami says there is no need for that and you are very funny.

At night Mama asks Mami to come near him as he want to satisfy her tonight and he will last long as its Amaavas night hearing this Mami agrees and they both started making love again. Raju comes near windows and he starts peeking inside thinking that this Mama gets on top of Mami everytime. Mami opens her bra and she gets on top of Mama and he started satisfying her. Raju thinks that till the time this Mama doesn’t get away from Mami, he doesn’t have any chance to come close to her. Mama failed to satisfy Mami again and Raju shuts the window making a noise.

Mama went outside to see who made the sound. Mama went upstairs to see whether it was Raju and while coming down he fell down and gets hurt as Raju spilled oil in the stairs. Doctor tells Mama that he will get alright within 10 to 15 days but till that time he will be bedridden.

Next morning Raju was cutting grass and Mami was giving him grass, She asks him are you tired? Raju says that no then she says just use some strength and Raju says I have a lot of strength but someone should try me. Later Mami was making bed in bedroom and Raju was watching her from window getting horny. Mami asks her do you need anything and Raju says I need everything then he says that I am not getting mobile network. Mami says its village so you won’t get network here, Go and sit I will bring food for you. Raju while watching Mami drying vegetables in the sunlight thinks that soon I need to have fun with her.

Late at night Mama was sleeping outside after taking medicine and Mami tells her that she is not putting on the latch so if you want to come inside so you can come. Mami went inside bedroom and she saw a dirty stories book after which Mami started reading it and pleasuring herself with her hands. Raju silently went inside the bedroom getting past Mama as he gave him sleeping pills.

Mami was pleasuring herself and Raju tells her that can he help her. Raju says that he knows that Mama ji can’t satisfy her but he will do it. Mami threatens him that he will call Mama and Raju hugged her after which Mami says what are you doing as your Mama will woke up. Raju puts her on bed and he removed her panties. Mani says its wrong and Raju says nothing bad will happen. Raju started kissing her and making love to her. Raju asks Mami have you enjoyed? Mami says yes then Raju says I will show you the real heaven now. Raju kisses her on face and then he opens her blouse and he started kissing her neck. Raju then kisses on her belly after which he takes off her bra by opening the hook and kisses on her back & face. Raju then gives Mami the ultimate pleasure and she gets completely satisfied.

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