ALTT Web Series Honey Trap Squad Season 1 EP 4 (The Bait) Full Written Updates with Akanksha Puri & Sharad Malhotra Hot Scenes Details

Mirage confronts Riya and then he puts her on gunpoint. Mirage says that he just wants to talk. Riya and Mirage started fighting with each other and Mirage ended up grabbing her leg after which he started touching it in a sensual way. Riya stabs Mirage with a nail in his shoulder and then she ran away.

RAW chief tells Mitra that our two agents got killed and Mitra tells him that its collateral damage. RAW chief tells Mitra to close down Honey Trap Squad right now. Mitra says that we are very close to end this counterfeiting network and if we stopped now then it will be revived again. RAW chief advises Mitra to warn the agents about this Mirage’s threat.

Bebo asks Vicky about the men Hamid Sheikh hires when he gets into big trouble. Vicky says he has many, who you want to know about? Bebo says I’m talking about high profile threat. Vicky says Mirage. Bebo tells him to stop telling her tales. Vicky says that its not a tale but a myth for the entire world, at the same time he is a great assassin for those who can pay his price. Bebo tells Vicky that if you are playing games with me then let me tell you that I am the game.

Janhavi went to her boyfriend and he says that he wants to know more about her because there is nothing between him and Sheetal. He further tells Janhavi that it seems that I am just a friend with benefits for you. Janhavi tells him that its not like that and then she leaves from there in anger.

Hamid clients tells him on conference call that they want the fake money soon to prepare for the war. Junaid came and Hamid asks him, have you done preparations for the anniversary? Junaid says yes Bhaijaan. Hamid tells Junaid that he won’t invite many people and even you should invite only a few close ones.

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Janhavi’s boyfriend starts pampering her in the evening by serving her wine and her even proposes her. Janhavi says that I need to go and you were right, we are just friends with benefits.

Hamid makes a phone call to Mirage and he tells him that Router got killed. Hamid shouts at Mirage and Mirage tells him that your job will be done, also I don’t like people shouting at me. Mirage makes a portrait for Riya, while he was thinking about her. Riya starts having nightmares of Mirage at night.

Honey warns Honey Trap Squad agents that Hamid has hired Mirage to terminate our agents and he advised Riya & Bebo to stay low for a while. Riya, Bebo and Janhavi makes a naram chara plan to trap Mirage.

Riya goes out alone and Mirage starts following her. Finally Riya and Janhavi ends up trapping Mirage in a unknown location. Riya and Janhavi started fighting Mirage, finally Riya ends up shooting Mirage and he died.

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