Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Blackmail ) Episode 3 Written Update with Nitin & Ishika Hot Scenes Details

Nitin went in the bathroom and he started pleasuring himself imagining about Ishika making love to him. Later Nitin came back home on his scooty but the door was locked. He tried to call his mother but she did not picked up and he says she will definitely be at Ishika’s house.

Bell rings and Ishika opens the door, Nitin was on the doorsteps. He asked her, Is my mom at your home and she responds come and check. Nitin came in and he started calling his mom then he says mom is not here. Ishika says but I am here and she started kissing him. Nitin tries to get away but she refused to leave him.

Nitin finally gives up to Ishika’s seduction and he too started kissing her. He takes her too the bedroom and her stand against the wall and he started forcibly kissing her while Ishika was saying leave me. Nitin then took off her panty and started making love to her. He took her to bed and then moved all her clothes and his as well after which they bothy started having romance. Ishika looked at the camera which was recording everything that was happening in the bedroom.

Nitin at his home was imagining about the romance he made with Ishika and then the door bell rings. Nitin opened the door and Ishika was at the door. She came inside and says I came to meet your mother. Nitin says you cannot meet her and she doesn’t want to meet you. She says I want to show you something and then she showed her the video in which he was forcibly kissing her. Ishika says as per this video you raped me.

Ishika tells him that if this video reached the police then you will be destroyed. Nitin breaks the phone but Ishika says I have more clips of this video. He begged her on his knees to spare him and she says on one condition, if you keep your mouth shut and let me meet your mom also if you did not tell anything about this to your father. Nitin accepts her conditions.

Ishika went in Shilpa’s bedroom and she told hr that the job is done and Nitin agreed. She called Nitin and tells him to tell her mom what he wants to say. Nitin says mom I realised that you have full right to live your life with freedom. Ishika tells Nitin to go and do studies. While closing the bedroom door Ishika whispered in his ear, Nitin beta you are very sensible and then she closed the door. Nitin started crying outside the room.

Nitin was crying sitting outside outside the room. Ishika and Shilpa made love to each other on bed and they both enjoyed.

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