Money Heist Berlin 2023 Netflix Spin-off Web Series Palermo and Professor Cameos Details Revealed

Money Heist spin-off web series titled Berlin is releasing on 29 December 2023, and fans are excited to see their favourite character played by ‘Pedro Alonso’ back in action. There is also a lot of curiously amongst the fans to find out about the special cameos from the original Spanish series and we have got some spicy news for of you regarding that.

Professor alias Sergio Marquina and Palermo alias Martín Berrote are two of the most highly demanded cameos by OG Money Heist fans which they want to see in the Netflix Berlin spin-off web series and we have got a slight scoop regarding the expected appearance of these characters in the show.

According to our sources, flashback scenes of Palermo and Professor can be a thing in the Money Heist Berlin spin-off web series by Netflix and they will be somewhat similar to the ones we all saw during ‘Money Heist Season 3 – Season 5’ after the death to Berlin’s character at the end of Royal Mint of Spain heist in Season 2.

There isn’t going to be any direct involvement of either Professor and Palermo in the ambitious Paris robbery that will take place in this new spin-off Berln series by Netflix.

Itziar Ituño and Najwa Nimri are also making a comeback as they will be seen once again playing the characters of Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra.

Apart from all of that, no other cameo appearance in Money Heist Berlin 2023 Spinoff Web Series is confirmed at this point of time.

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