Ullu Web Series Jaal (Part 2) Episode 6 Written Update with Nidhi & Surekha Hot Scenes Details

Rani went to terrace and she informed Vijay about everything that is happening between Chinga & Surekha in the bedroom. Vijay came downstairs and he entered Surekha’s bedroom. He slapped Surekha and said that after my brother died you are making love with this servant. Surekha said that I haven’t done anything and he was forcing me, she swears  on her daughter.

Vijay grabbed Chinga by collar and took him outside the room. They both started fighting with each other. Rani tried to separate them. Nidhi brought a gun with a handkerchief in her hand and she smartly placed the gun near Vijay. Vijay grabbed the gun and then he shoots down Chinga.

Nidhi made a phone call to police and she informed them about Vijay killing Chinga. Police came and they arrested Vijay. Nidhi asks Inspector, Whether they find anything about Bhomik or not? Inspector responds no we haven’t found anything about him. Nidhi says sir now only three women are left in this house and we are scared that if Bhomik came? Inspector tells Nidhi that he has deployed two constables in civil clothes near the house and if Bhomik came then he will get caught.

At night, Nidhi, Rani, and Surekha buried Bhomik near the house. Nidhi said that after today no men will come in our lives and we won’t get cheated again, we will stay together from now on.

One month later – Surekha entered swimming pool in a bikini and she started swimming. Nidhi was already in the pool and she came out of the water. Both Nidhi & Surekha started kissing each other on lips.

Surekha asks Nidhi, can I ask you about one thing? Nidhi says you don’t need permission to ask anything. Surekha says its about the mystery. Nidhi says what mystery. Surekha asks, did you killed Dheeraj? Nidhi says not me but his Karma’s killed him, as I told you when I came to Noida because of Bhomik’s fear, I thought that I will start a new life and because of my compulsion I have to take job in his school.

Flashback started – Nidhi and Dheeraj were sitting in Dheeraj’s school office and he offered her juice. Nidhi said thank you and he responds mention not. Dheeraj tells Nidhi to drink the juice and she drinks it. Dheeraj tried to get up but he failed after which Nidhi gave him her shoulder.

Dheeraj tells Nidhi that we have one vacancy for teacher and you should get selected, do you want to know why? Nidhi asks why sir? Dheeraj says because your figure is way better then your degree. Nidhi says what are you doing sir. Dheeraj started touching her inappropriately and then she got unconscious. Dheeraj started kissing on her head.

Nidhi wakes up and her clothes were loose. Dheeraj was sitting in front of her and she asks, what happened to me? Dheeraj said that you were tired and that’s why you slept. Nidhi asks, what happened to my clothes and what happened here? Dheeraj says that when someone sleeps then it usually happens to their clothes.

Nidhi says that I am feeling weird and she asks him, what have you done? Dheeraj says nothing happened and he tells her to relax. Dheeraj tells Nidhi that now your job is fixed. – Flashback ended.

Nidhi tells Surekha that I knew he did wrong with me but I had no option to do anything because of my compulsion and then I took the job at his school. She further says thaty while I was doing my job at school, Anmol started liking me and then after marrying Anmol, I came in the house of that weirdo Dheeraj as his daughter-in-law.

Nidhi says that everything went normal for a few months but that night that weird crossed all the limits of weirdness.

Nidhi was massaging Dheeraj’s legs and he tells her that you came here after hearing my voice, I liked it a lot because I was feeling restless. Nidhi says that now you are feeling good so can I go and you should sleep.

Dheeraj grabbed Nidhi’s hand and he tells her that the day you came to take job at school, I mixed sleeping pills in your juice but I did not enjoyed it at all and even you might have felt it. Nidhi says yes I felt it and even today I feel that pain. Dheeraj tells Nidhi that I want you to give me love one time and that to when we both are awake. Nidhi tries to resist a bit first but then she agreed.

Dheeraj took off her saree pallu and then he puts her on bed. Dheeraj started making love with her. Nidhi was sleeping next to him with her bra taken off and her back was completely exposed. Nidhi gets up and she stared at him.

Nidshi tells Surekha that I used Bhomik after that and then I got Dheeraj Verma killed through him.

Bhomik wears a mask and then he entered Dheeraj’s room after which he killed him by suffocating him with a pillow. – Flashback ended.

Nidhi asks Surekha, aren’t you scared of me? Surekha says why should I get scared of you? Nidhi says maybe I will kill you too. Surekha says that I will get killed with your hands happily. Surekha and Nidhi once again had a lip lock. Nidhi tells Surekha to wait as she will come back soon. Nidhi went underwater and when she out of water, she was carrying a knife in her hand.

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