ULLU I Love You Web Series Episode 2 Written Updates (Part 1) – Suraj Hot Scenes with Natasha Full Info

The second episode of ULLU Web Series I Love You begins with Suraj and Aakash arguing over Natasha at the poolside after which they did a coin toss to decide who will propose her. Aakash wins the toss and he went to confess his feelings to Natasha.

Aakash went to the beach to propose Natasha and she came out of the water wearing a bikini looking extremely hot. She asked him about Suraj and he said that he went for some work and today he will take her to his favourite place.

Suraj called Aakash from behind a tree and he gives him a earpiece. Aakash gets a rose from Suraj to gift to Natasha. Suraj tells him that if you failed to say I LOVE YOU to her then I will propose her.

Natasha tells Aakash that she liked Goa a lot and if a guy proposes a girl here then she won’t be able to say no to him. Aakash tries to confess his love but he failed. Suraj came there with a rose and he said I LOVE YOU to Natasha and she accepted the rose. Suraj lifts Natasha in his arms and he started kissing her. Aakash eats the rose in anger.

Natasha & Suraj entered the bedroom while kissing each other and immediately she takes off his jacket. Suraj was continuously kissing on her entire body. Suraj grabbed Natasha’s legs and he takes off her slippers after that he started kissing on her legs.

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Suraj removed Natasha’s top and she took off his shirt after that they continued kissing each other while lying on bed. Natasha strips Suraj’s vest and then she gets on top of him. She was continuously kissing on Suraj’s chest and then she takes off his belt.

Suraj opened the hook of Natasha’s bikini and she got completely topless. He started licking her back and she was enjoying it. Suraj strips his pant and then he starting licking Natasha’s toes after which he licked her entire body.

Finally Suraj started giving extreme pleasure to Natasha and she started making hot sounds. Aakash peeks through the bedroom window and he said that if things kept on going like this then I will get mad, I need to do something. Natasha got completely satisfied by Suraj.

Next day, Suraj’s mother asked him, where were you last night? He said that I was at Aakash’s home and then she asked Aakash the same question. Aakash tells her that Suraj has fallen in love with a girl. Suraj’s mother says that she wants to meet that girl tomorrow. Aakash felt happy seeing Suraj getting trapped.

Suraj requested Natasha to meet her mother for his sake and she agreed. Aakash felt sad seeing his plan of trapping Suraj getting failed.

Suraj’s mom was in the washroom and she takes off her clothes after that she started giving self pleasure by touching her own body. Suraj came and she stopped. His mom tells him that she is getting ready to meet Natasha. Suraj prays to God to save him from this messy situation today.

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