Ullu Web Series Jaal (Part 2) Episode 4 Written Update with Chinga & Rani Hot Scenes Details

Vijay tells Anmol that their father has not made any will and he has brought the papers after consulting with a lawyer. He further tells Anmol to sign the papers as the property will get shared between us equally in two portions. A person named Bhomik came and he said that the property will be shared in two portions. Vijay asked who are you? He introduced himself as Dheeraj Verma’s illegitimate son and then he showed them some photographs of his mother with Dheeraj on mobile phone.

Nidhi says that anyone can bring such fake pictures and then Bhomik responds that he has a video as well and you all can watch it. Vijay says that even video can be forged now a days to which Bhomik responds that they can do his DNA test and it cannot be faked also DNA reports come within 24 hours. He told them that he knows a lot about them because his father used to talk about them.

Surekha says that to save my daughter we need to give ₹ 50 lacs tomorrow and if we did DNA test then it will take a lot of time to get money. Bhomik said that he will give them ₹ 50 lacs and when the property gets shared equally then they can give him the money back.

Surekha thanked Bhomik for giving them money to save her daughter and Bhomik said that there isn’t any need to thank me. She told Anmol to go and bring Khushi back. Bhomik made a phone call to the kidnapper and he told him that Anmol is coming with the money and orders him to give him his daughter back and then give me my money back after which I will give you your fees. Kidnapper asked Bhomik that why did he got Anmol’s daughter kidnapped? Bhomik said that my motive was to make Anmol confess that Khushi is his daughter and he did that already.

Khushi came back home and she told Nidhi that Chachu is very brave because he stole me away from kidnapper. Nidhi was not responding to Khushi. Surekha came and she told Nidhi that you have already punished me but why are you not talking to this little girl as she is not at fault. Nidhi got emotional after which she hugged Khushi.

Vijay was talking to some person on phone regarding their child’s school admission. Bhomik came and he told Anmol & Vijay that he is their brother and now lets call lawyer and get the property papers ready, if you both signed then we will get equal shares in property.

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Rani saw Dheeraj’s watch in Chinga’s bag and she confronted him regarding it. Chinga said that he has stolen it but did not killed him. Rani asks, why did you said that you did not killed him? Chinga told her to hold the glass properly otherwise it will slip and Rani purposely threw the glass down. Chinga got worried.

Later that night, Nidhi met Bhomik on terrace and she apologized to him. Bhomik tells Nidhi that if she hadn’t misunderstood him then they would have been together today, away from these cheaters.

Flashback Started – 6 Months Ago – Bhomik forcefully grabbed Nidhi and he told Nidhi that he loves her a lot and if he did not get her then he will kill her and then will shoot himself. Bhomik kept on screaming but Nidhi went away. – Flashback ended.

Nidhi told Bhomik that she got scared and that’s why she came to Kapur from Noida but even you found me here.

Flasback Started – Bhomik confronted Nidhi at school and he told her to go with him. She said that its not possible because she is married. Bhomik said that you told me that this family is not worthy of you and everything is a cheat here which I saw as well then why aren’t you leaving with me. – Flashback ended.

Nidhi told Bhomik that he was right but what can we do now because soon his lie of being Dheeraj Verma’s son will get caught. Bhomik tells Nidhi to leave Anmol and she says that she can’t do it. Nidhi tells Bhomik to kill Anmol and he says that he’s not a murderer. Nidhi says you need to do it for me and she tells him a plan according to which Bhomik will enter Dheeraj’s room as a masked thief and Nidhi will send Anmol there to stop Bhomik, Bhomik can kill him that time and everyone will think that a thief killed Anmol. Nidhi hugged Bhomik.

At night Chinga entered the kitchen and he started romancing with Rani. Rani says that someone will see because the door is open and Chinga responds don’t worry no one will see. Chinga took off Rani’s pallu and then he made her lay on floor of the kitchen. Chinga gets on top of Rani and he started kissing on her neck.

Nidhi came in the kitchen and she told Chinga & Rani to go and sleep in Dheeraj’s room on soft bed. She further says that you both even spent you suhagraat in the kitchen so now go in the room and enjoy. Chinga says but bhabhi, what if anybody objected? Nidhi says that no one will say anything, so go now.

Rani was sitting on the bed in Dheeraj’s room and Chinga came in with a bottle of Champagne in his hands. He told Rani that lets enjoy like rich people tonight and just imagine its our last night tonight.

Chinga sprayed Champagne all over Rani’s body and then he started licking it from her body. They both started kissing on each other lips and then Chinga gets on top of her and he started kissing her neck. Chinga took off his scarf and one again they had a lip lock. Chinga took off her pallu and then he made Rani stand alongside him.

Rani opened all the buttons of Chinga’s shirt and then he took it off. Chinga then took off his inner-shirt. Chinga took her in his arms and he started kissing around her neck again. He made her lay on bed again and then again he started kissing her neck. Chinga then started kissing on Rani’s navel and then again he moved on to kissing on her neck.

Chinga removed Rani’s petticoat and then he took off her blouse after which the both passionately started kissing each other’s lips. He yet again puts Rasni on bed and then he again started kissing on her neck & lips. Chinga one again kissed a little on Rani’s navel and then yet again he moved on to kissing her neck.

Chinga made Rani turn on bed and then he started kissing on her back and then he opened the hook of her bra. Chinga made Rani stand along with him again and he made her stand alongside the wall. Chinga completely removed Rani’s bra and then he started giving her pleasure from behind. Rani was enjoying it a lot and then Chinga puts Rani on bed again and he started giving her extreme pleasure from behind yet again. Rani sits on top of Chinga and she started having pleasure sitting on top of him.

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