Ullu Web Series Jaal (Part 1) Episode 1 Written Update with Anmol & Nidhi Hot Scenes Details

The episode started with Dheeraj Verma getting killed by a mysterious person after which the events which took place about 17 hours ago were shown. Dheeraj’s servant Chinga helped him in walking and he tells him that very soon you will start walking. Dheeraj says you are like my son so call me Babuji. A beer bottle fell down from terrace and Dheeraj tells Chinga to go upstairs and see which of my son is drinking at early morning time. Chinga went to check upstairs after making Dheeraj sit on wheelchair.

Nidhi and Anmol were seen doing devar bhabhi roleplay and playing truth & dare with a beer bottle on terrace. Nidhi tells Anmol to spin slowly as you made the last bottle fell down devar ji. Anmol spins the bottle and it ended up pointing towards Nidhi. He asks her saying bhabhi ji will you speak the truth? or will do do a dare? Nidhi says I don’t lie so give me a dare. Anmol says think about it again. Nidhi says by thinking your intentions go weak so tell me what to do. Anmol tells her to open a button of her shirt. Nidhi opened the top button of her shirt and her cleavage got exposed.

Anmol spins the bottle once again and yet again it ended up pointing towards Nidhi. He tells her to do one more dare and kiss him. Nidhi gave him a quick kiss on his lips but Anmol says that he doesn’t want this childish kiss because he wants a French kiss and that too with full intensity. Nidhi says that you are getting too much open devar ji and what if your bhaiya finds out. Anmol responds so it means that you don’t have any problem in getting open but you are worried that bhaiya might find out about it. Nidhi says that you are very smart devar ji as you caught my talks and then Anmol comes closer to her after which he responds that I want to hold you too and that too tightly.

Anmol and Nidhi started kissing each other on lips with full passion. Nidhi asked her, Aren’t we doing something wrong devar ji? Anmol responds bhabhi ji there is nothing wrong in love after which he grabbed her by her legs and then pushed her on bed. Anmol slowly opened all the buttons of Nidhi’s shirt one by one.

Anmol kissed on Nidhi’s navel a bit after which he started moving her hand gently on her navel and he slowly went upwards. Nidhi was getting turned on. Anmol and Nidhi started kissing each other on lips. Anmol then took off Nidhi’s shirt and Nidhi took off Anmol’s shirt. Anmol once again pushed her on bed and then he yet again started kissing on her lips followed by her navel.

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Anmol takes off Nidhi’s Pyjama and then he started kissing on her legs after which he went upwards and started kissing on her lips one more time. Anmol took Nidhi in his arms and he was still kissing her on lips.

Nidhi gets on top of Anmol and she started kissing him on his lips. After that she started kissing Anmol’s chest followed by his tummy as she was slowly going down.

Anmol gets up and he started kissing Nidhi around her neck area after which he unhooked her bra and took it off. Anmol holds Nidhi tightly and he was continuously kissing her on her body. Anmol once again gets on top of Nidhi and yet again they both started doing lip to lip kissing.

Chinga came started searching and he wonders about who is drinking so early in the morning. Anmol and Nidhi were still making love on the terrace and Nidhi was enjoying it a lot. Chinga came on the terrace and he catches Anmol and Nidhi making love with each other.

Chinga tells Anmol that Sahab ji has called both of you because he wanted to go to school early today. Anmol tells Chinga that you should have made some noise before coming upstairs. Chinga says I thought you were drinking alcohol but instead you were making love. Anmol tells Chinga to get lost. Chinga while leaving says that Anmol bhaiya had a lot of fun.

Anmol tells Nidhi that I am tolerating Chinga because of my father otherwise I would have fired him a long time ago but what should we do now because he might inform everyone that devar bhabhi were making love on the terrace. Anmol started laughing.

Nidhi tells Anmol to stop this drama and she asked him, why we do all this? I don’t like this Devar bhabhi drama because I am your wife. Anmol tells Nidhi that there should be something new in life otherwise it gets boring. Anmol leaves the terrace.

Chinga dropped Dheeraj to the school and he tried to give him a shoulder but Dheeraj says don’t worry I have my bahu with me. Dheeraj tells Chinga’s wife Rani to give him her shoulder while Nidhi was giving him her other shoulder. Rani gave him a shoulder and Dheeraj started touching her inappropriately which got noticed by Chinga.

Anmol also came to school in his car and some guy was secretly stalking them. Chinga helped Dheeraj to sit on the wheelchair. The unknown guy left and Nidhi noticed him while he was leaving. Anmol tells Nidhi to go to staff room and check whether teachers came or not. Nidhi went to the staff room.

Anmol asked Dheeraj, for how long will you handle all this because now I have learned everything so at least give me signing authority. Dheeraj responds saying you are a fool so first become capable and then he orders him to take him to office. A lady came saying one minute sir and Dheeraj tells her to come with him.

Chinga scolds Rani by telling her that he has advised her a lot of times to stay away from that old man. Rani says you are thinking wrong because he is like our father. Chinga says he is like father but not real father.

Vijay came and he secretly entered his father Dheeraj’s room. Dheeraj’s granddaughter Khushi gave him a medicine and she says by eating it you will get alright. Dheeraj gets up from the wheelchair after eating medicine and Chinga says you got alright because of Dr. Khushi. Dheeraj tells Khushi to go and study.

Chinga tells Dheeraj that I will take you to your room and Dheeraj says no I can go by myself now. Dheeraj entered his bedroom and he catches Vijay trying to open his cupboard. Dheeraj says you are trying to steal, you should be ashamed of yourself. Vijay pushed him on bed and says yes I will steal, you keep quiet. Dheeraj started calling Chinga by ringing the bell.

Dheeraj started having a scuffle with Vijay and he tells him that I won’t let you steal from here. Chinga came there and he forcefully holds Vijay. Surekha came and asked what happened? Dheeraj says your husband is trying to steal in his own house. Vijay says even I have right on this money. Dheeraj responds that if we feed two breads to a dog that doesn’t mean that he becomes the owner of the house.

Dheeraj further says that even a dog is loyal and you should be given to police because you will learn only after getting beaten by them but we can’t do it as we are helpless because we run a school and the parents of children will say that he failed to take care of his own sons then how he will take care of our children.

Surekha tells Dheeraj that people treat even their dogs with love but the way you are insulting my husband, this is not right. Dheeraj says I am aware of everything because I have experience. Surekha says no you are doing wrong. She asked him, why don’t you give him money to start a business? Where will you take all that money? Dheeraj responds I have given him money around 4 times and he has lost it all these times, we don’t have a money tree at our house so I can’t give him money every time.

Dheraj started having breathing problem and he tells Surekha that I have told you a lot of times that whenever you come close to me, don’t put on perfume. Chinga helped Dheeraj by making him lay on bed and putting gas mask on his face. Surekha takes Vijay outside the room with her.

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