PrimeShots Shaadi (2023) Web Series Actress Names, Pics, Story Written, Cast, All Hot Scenes Info

Shaadi web series on PrimeShots OTT APP has been released already and it includes only two episodes, one of which is filled with hot scenes of lead actress Shikha Sinha. The story is quite interesting as it is about a young guy getting trapped due to his own plan and he gets forced to marry his maid servant in the end.

Shaadi web series contains a very hot bedroom scene between its lead actor and its lead actress Shikha Sinha. Although you won’t see any topless scenes in both the episodes of Shaadi, but its interesting plot makes up for all the lacklustre body show.

PrimeShots Shaadi (2023) Web Series Full Story Written Updates with All Hot Scenes Pics :

Story of PrimeShots web series Shaadi revolves around a guy named Sagar and his desperation to get married to a girl as soon as possible to fulfil his desires, but his Chacha (Uncle) became a roadblock in his ambitions because his parents puts forth the condition that they will get Sagar married only after his Chacha gets married.

Sagar’s chacha gets rejected by one girl after another because of Sagar’s own parents and he informs Sagar about it. Sagar tells his Chacha that he will get married no matter what. Sagar’s friend brought a marriage proposal for him, but his parents rejected. Sagar’s friend gave him an idea to get into a physical relationship with his maid servant Sapna and noticing this, Sagar’s parents will surely get him married. Sagar liked the idea suggested by his friend.

Sagar started helping his maid servant Sapna in cleaning and dusting, which got apparently noticed by his parents. Sagar asked Sapna, do you like me? she said yes. He hugged her from behind and kissed her. She said that your mom will see and he responds that’s the purpose. She asks, what do you mean? He says nothing.

Sagar writes a love letter for Sapna and plants it on a shelf as a part of his plan to fool his parents. His parents reads it and his mother tells his Bagga Chacha to keep an eye on Sagar and Sapna.

Sagar proposed Sapna by saying I love you and she accepts his proposal. Sagar started making out with Sapna in the bedroom, knowing that his Chacha is spying on them from outside the room.

Getting frustrated with Sagar’s behaviour, his parents decided to get him married to another girl. Sagar celebrated the success of his plan with his friends. Sapna threatened Sagar that he has to marry him or else she will take revenge from him. Sagar made a phone call to his friend and he tells him not to worry, nothing will happen.

Next day, Sagar’s friend came with the girl’s parents for marriage proposal and Sagar’s parents accepts the proposal. Sapna came with his father and a lawyer, she started threatening Sagar and his parents with legal consequences. Being scared of the legal ramifications, Sagar’s parents agreed to marry Sagar with Sapna.

In the end, it turns out that Sapna’s father was a big con and taking the help of the lawyer, he gets his daughters married with rich men

PrimeShots Shaadi (2023) Web Series Full Star Cast Info with Actresses Names :

  • Shikha Sinha as Sapna (Maid Servant)

PrimeShots Shaadi (2023) Web Series All Hot Scenes Details with Episode no. and Actress Involved :

  • Episode 2 – Sagar and Sapna hot kissing scene in bedroom.
  • Episode 2 – Sagar and Sapna make-out scene in the bedroom while Sagar’s chacha is spying from outside

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