Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Flat 69 ) Episode 2 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

At Flap 69, Garima’s sister Jonita, Jonita’s boyfriend ‘Sidharth’ and all their friends convinced Garima to consume the drug and she did that after which Garima narrates that her body was burning and all she wanted to was dance. Garima started dancing and all of them laughed.

Sidharth was making out with Jonita once again in the bedroom. Garima came in the living room and she narrates that she still remembers that Rs 2000 note and that feeling. Her nose was paining and her eyes were popping out. Garima further narrates that watching her flatmates making love became an addiction soon as she quietly stands near a door every night and she was absolutely lost into dugs. Garima once again started fingering herself peeking inside the bedroom and watching Jonita and Sidharth making love on bed. Sidharth removes Jonita’s skirt and he started kissing all over her body. Garima was pleaasuring herself again by secretly watching them. Sidharth kissed Jonita on her back.

Garima narrates and after that finally something happens at Flat 69 at around 2 AM in the night which was not scripted. Sidharth came outside the bedroom in his shorts and he saw Garima fingering herself. Sidharth says what the…. Garima started kissing him, He says please stop but she continues kissing him. Garima narrates that she knew it was not right but she was not in control.

Sidharth takes Garima on the couch and he started kissing her all over her body. On the other side their friends were shown making love in the bedroom as the guy removed the girls bra and started satisfying her. Garima sits on Sidharth’s lap while in different simultaneous scene it was shown that other girl was sitting on that guys lap and he was enjoying with her. Garima narrates that these were her last few hours in Flat 69. Jonita comes out of her bedroom and she gets shocked seeing Garima and Sidharth making love on couch. Jonita screams at Sidharth and he follows her to the bedroom. Garima narrates that I did not lost my virginity that day but I lost respect in front of my sister.

Next morning Garima was standing in the living room and she narrates that neither she can blame the drug nor Sidharth. She thinks she was wrong and should apologize to Jonita. Jonita leaves for work and Garima calls her from behind but she didn’t listen.

Flat 69’s landlord Shivam rings the bell and he says that he came to meet Jonita but Garima says she went for work and she introduces herself to him. Shivam stares at her body and Garima invites him inside for a cup of coffee. Garima went to the washroom and consumed drug again after which she brings coffee for him. Garima starts touching his leg and says to him that you don’t look like married. Garima asks him are you a loyal husband and he gets closer to her, she says I thought so. Shivam starts kissing Garima and she takes him to her bedroom.

Garima takes off his shirt and Shivam takes off her top and they both continued to kiss each other. Garima removes his pants and Shivam lifts her up as they were continuously kissing. Garima puts Shivam on bed and she started kissing all over his body after which Shivam gets on top of her and kisses her from top to bottom. Shivam opens her bra hook and he kisses on her back. Shivam turned her and he removed her bra and kissed her. Shivam then removes her panty and Garima was enjoying a lot. Shivam puts lotion on his hand and he continues to pleasure her.

Garima narrates that she can’t explain that moment because it was like a satisfying need, I can’t exactly tell you what happened and no I haven’t fallen in love with the landlord. Garima further narrates that infact she left Flat 69 but it was a short and seductive story of losing her virginity, now you can judge her all you want and she’s not sorry for that and also love making was never a taboo for her.

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