Kundali Bhagya 15 September 2021 Written Update – Sherlyn suspects Sonakshi

Karan was talking to Rishabh on phone in his room. Sherlyn and Pihu came in the room. Karan tells then that Rishabh is coming back from London. Pihu asks Who is Rishabh? Preeta says don’t call him by name because he is much elder then you. Karan says Rishabh is my elder brother. Pihu asks Why I don’t have an elder brother? Karan answers because you yourself is elder. Pihu then asks Why I don’t have a younger brother? Karan says because babies cries a lot. Pihu says my friend’s mother gave her a baby and asks Karan When will you give me baby. Karan says when your mother (Preeta) give me time alone. Preeta says what you are talking in front of kid. Pihu says mom don’t scold Papa but love him. Karan says yes love me. Preeta says because he talks like that and tells her we will play tomorrow.

Sherlyn comes in her room and she gets scared seeing Prithvi there in the dark. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Sonakshi is playing a big game and she is making us fool along with Luthra’s. Prithvi says she is not playing any game. Sherlyn receives a message from Rishabh and tells Prithvi he’s is coming back from London. Prithvi says my Sautana is coming back so I need to get Luthra’s property fast.

Karan throws some building blocks and Preeta scolds him. Karan tells Pihu about it. Pihu tells Preeta to say sorry and then she tells them to do patch up by doing handshake and hug. Rakhi maa comes in the room and she saw Preeta and Karan hugging each other. Preeta says she is making us patch up. Pihu asks Rakhi maa did mumma scold you as well? Karan says yes and then she asks Preeta to do patch up with Rakhi maa as well. Rakhi maa says we will do a grand celebration at Ganesh Utsav this time around because its Pihu’s first Ganpati Utsav.

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Sameer comes in the room and he decides to play Chidiya udd with Pihu. Sonakshi gets happy hearing Pihu’s laugh and she tries to get up. Nurse came and asks Sonakshi what’s your relation with Pihu? Sonakshi says daughter.

While playing chidiya udd a cute argument started between Karan and Preeta after which Pihu tells them to do patch up and they did. Kareena came and she tells them that she hired a nanny for Pihu to take care of her during Ganesh Chaturthi. Preeta agrees with the decision.

Karan and Pihu were playing hide and seek. Pihu hides behind the curtain outside Sonakshi’s room window. Sonakshi calls her by doing gesture. Karan catches Pihu but she went inside to meet Sonakshi. Pihu asks her whats your name? Sonakshi says maa then she says my name is Sonakshi. Pihu asks who are you and what’s my relation with you. Sonakshi says I am your mothers friend and I consider her as my sister. Pihu says my mother will treat you as she is a doctor. Pihu went outside. Sonakshi thanked Karan but he says you need to thank Preeta.

Preeta comes in Sonakshi’s room and asks her how are you feeling now? Sonakshi says better then before. Nurse tells that she needs complete bed rest for 2 days then wheel chair after that crutches and then you will be able to walk. Sherlyn was hearing all this from outside. Rakhi maa tells Sherlyn to give Sonakshi milk at night. Sherlyn thinks that these people are treating me as a common servant.

Prithvi comes in the kitchen as Sherlyn was preparing milk for Sonakshi. Sherlyn says to Prithvi that this Sonakshi is lying and what she seems she is not. She is playing a big game and Preeta is a fool as she is taking care of her Sautan. Prithvi says Preeta Ji is just care of an innocent wounded girl and after getting alright she will go back to London. Sherlyn says she won’t go back to London. She tells him what a woman can see, a man cannot see as a woman can see so far. Prithvi says Sonakshi is just a victim of situation. Sherlyn tells him soon you will find out that Sonakshi came here to make her life just wait and watch.

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