Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 2 October 2020 – Abhi requests Rhea to give blood to Prachi

Ranbir makes a phone call to Pragya and tells her that he has captured the truck driver who did Prachi’s accident. Ranbir further tells her that she needs to come here so that she can confront the truck driver when he wakes up and can ask him why did he hit Prachi. Sarita Behan tells Pragya to go to the place and confront the truck driver and they will take care of Prachi after which Pragya leaves from the hospital.

Abhi confronts Rhea and asks her that how did she think so pathetic. Rhea had no answers and Alia tried to defend her but Abhi says maybe its you Alia who had put all this garbage in Rhea’s mind. Meera and Mitali also came there and they asked what happened. Abhi says that Rhea was wishing for Prachi to die. Alia says that you did not hear the full conversation and then she says that Rhea was just saying that Abhi will feel bad if he gets the news of Prachi’s death and she doesn’t want that.

Abhi regrets on scolding Rhea and then he takes her to a corner. Abhi requests Rhea to give her blood to Prachi as they both have the same blood group. Alia hears all this and she went inside her room. Rhea tries to make some drama but Abhi did not listens to her. Abhi’s hand gets cuts and Baljeet Dadi requests him to put bandage on his hand first and then go to the hospital. Abhi sends Rhea alone to give blood to Prachi.

Pragya came to the location and she tells Ranbir to bring some water so that they can wake up the truck driver. Alia in her room gets tensed about what if in future the DNA’s of Rhea and Prachi gets matched then both Prachi and Pragya will return to this house and Pragya will take charge. Rhea on the way to hospital decides not to donate blood to Prachi. Abhi makes a phone call to Rhea as she was listening music in her car. Abhi tells her to go to hospital quick and donate blood to Prachi. Baljeet dadi from behind tells Rhea to go fast as Abhi is too much worried about Prachi. Rhea in anger says I am going.

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