Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 22 March 2021 Written – Akshay Blackmails Kritika

Mahira shows Prithvi the message on her phone which she sent to Shubham after transferring the money to his account after which all three of them celebrated. Prithvi tells both Mahira & Sherlyn to leave and they said why? Prithvi says otherwise people will raise fingers on my character and I am a Pativrata after which Mahira leaves. Sherlyn says It doesn’t matter who you are married to but you will always be mine otherwise you won’t remain Pati neither Vrata.

Kareena tells Kritika that she is not satisfied with Prithvi’s explanation hearing this Kritika says for her sake please trust Prithvi as I am satisfied with his answers and already a lot has happened so I don’t want any of it anymore. Kareena says ok dear if you are happy with his answers then thats ok because its you who has to spend your whole life with Prithvi.

Prithvi and Sherlyn hears someone coming after which Sherlyn hides. Preeta comes and she tells Prithvi that she knows how he manipulated Shubham today to support him but she will expose him soon. Preeta was about to see Sherlyn but Prithvi grabs Preeta’s hand and Sherlyn manages to get out of the room. Preeta tells Prithvi that even Kareena bua supports her when it comes to Prithvi and with whole family’s support she will defeat him. Preeta leaves and Prithvi breaks the wine glass. Prithvi says that Kritika supports him and with her support she can easily defeat Preeta.

Kritika sitting alone in her room was thinking about what Prithvi said to her during engagement. Sherlyn came and Kritika says I need Prithvi Ji after which she left and Prithvi came inside. Prithvi tried to talk to Kritika but she says that I want to be alone and tells him to leave after this he left the room. Karan tells Prithvi that Kritika is his sister and if he touched her then he will break his face after which Karan pushed him and left. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that if Kritika said that she doesn’t want to marry him then Luthra’s will throw him out so he has to win her trust back by becoming her hero. Prithvi says that I need to do something heroic.

Akshay makes a phone call to Kritika blackmailing her for Rs 20 lacs otherwise he will leak their pictures online in which both of them are kissing each other. Kritika thinks about how Preeta tried to save her from Akshay but nobody trusted her.

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