Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 15 April 2021 Written – Harman makes a surprise visit in Soumya’s room

Parmeet in anger looks at Heer. She grabs Heer’s hand and takes her in a room. Parmeet tells Heer to leave right now. As her presence can affect Nayan and Virat’s married life. Nayan and Kamini should not know Heer’s truth that she is a Kinnar. Heer reminds Parmeet of the day when Parmeet herself requested Heer to come back in Virat’s life to cure him. Now she is telling Heer to go but Virat is not letting Heer leave the house. Heer says she will go far from Virat. She won’t return back even if Virat stops him. Parmeet says it would be better. She tells Heer to leave the house tomorrow after Virat leaves for jogging. Heer starts crying alone in her room. She says Virat’s happiness is everything for her. She wants to create hatred in Virat’s heart.

Harman stares at Soumya’s photo. Soumya recalls Harman’s surprise. (Tu hi mera khuda plays in the background) Harman says Soumya must be thinking about him only. Soumya thinks that stranger can’t be Harman. But how come he knows about Harman and Soumya’s special moments. Spoons falls down from Soumya’s hands. Mahi asks Soumya what is she hiding and who she was talking on phone after that she left immediately. Soumya says she never show interest in Mahi’s personal life then why Mahi is interfering in Soumya’s personal life. Preeto stops Mahi from asking questions to Soumya. Mahi grows suspicious and thinks Soumya is hiding something for sure.

Parmeet does aarti of Virat and Nayan. She puts teeka on their foreheads. Virat and Nayan take blessings from everyone. Heer sees them. Parmeet says she wants to see Nayan as her daughter in law as soon as possible. Kamini and Parmeet hug each other and feed sweets to each other. Virat tells Heer that he will always hate her as she only insisted him to marry for the second time. Heer says she wanted Virat’s hatred only. She wishes for Virat and Nayan’s happiness.

Heer packes her bag and before leaving she enters Virat’s room and gets emotional seeing Virat’s photo. She says she will take his photo with her. Heer then notices Virat is coming out of washroom. Heer gets shocked seeing him.

Soumya can’t sleep properly. She kept thinking about Harman and his words. She gets confused and wakes up. Harman gives Soumya water. Soumya gets stunned seeing him in her room. Soumya was about to scream but Harman shuts her mouth keeping his hand on her mouth. Harman says if Soumya screams then everyone in the family will come here and he then will have to reveal his truth to Preeto and Harak Singh but Soumya won’t recognise him in front of all. So Harman tells Soumya to promise him that she won’t scream. Soumya nods. Harman removes his hand from her mouth.

Soumya gets mad at Harman that how dare he entered her room. Harman says Soumya forgot Harman’s brave nature how he kidnapped her many times. He is not scared of anybody. Harman says he wanted to see Soumya cares for him or not. Harman says it will take time when Soumya will start loving him once again. Soumya says she will inform police and tell her family that one stranger is calling himself Harman.

Harman again keeps his hand on Soumya’s mouth saying he won’t allow any third person between them. But if still Soumya doesn’t believe him then he will tell his truth to everyone in the house. Harman turns on the light. Soumya stops Harman and they again get close to each other. Harman says he also wants the same thing that they should keep their matter to themselves only. Soumya says she doesn’t want that her family starts believing him as Harman and start expecting things from him.

Soumya tells Harman to leave. Harman says fine but I’ll again come tomorrow. Soumya’s foot gets twisted and Harman holds her again. They together fall onto bed. Soumya pushes him. Harman smiles at her and goes down through pipe. Soumya thinks he acts like Harman but she doesn’t want to trust him. Harman gives flying kiss to Soumya and she closes the window. Mahi notices Harman from window. She wonders who is he.

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