Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 23 April 2021 Written – Harman fails to prove his identity to Soumya

Soumya checks the arrangements for dance academy are done properly or not. She says music system is set now only board needs to be set up. Harman arrives in his car. He says let’s go to Gulaabo. Saumya says stop calling me Gulaabo and I am not going with you anywhere. Harman says whole Punjab knows I am stubborn. So if Soumya refuses to go with him then he will reveal his truth to his family during dinner later tonight. Soumya gets annoyed and gets into car. Her saree fall comes out of the car. Harman notices it and puts it inside and stares at Soumya.

Harman stops the car in midway and goes to buy cold drink. Soumya wonders where he went leaving her alone. Harman gives her cold drink and says due to hot weather we can have drink and proceed further. Soumya says she doesn’t drink all these. Harman says he will take her to doctor Verma who is treating him since the day he got injured. Soumya says she won’t believe in any doctor’s words. She is not stupid. Harman says but you can’t overlook the proofs that Doctor Verma is going to give you. He didn’t lose hope while treating me. Harman insists Soumya to go there. Soumya agrees.

Harman reaches Dr Verma’s house and knocks at door but Soumya says to him that the door is locked and the lock can be seen. Soumya says you can’t deceive me with all your lies. Your plan was great but you couldn’t execute it. Harman says Dr Verma never leaves like this. Harman tries to call Doctor but it says Doctor’s phone is switched off. He asks one neighbour about the doctor. Neighbour says Dr Verma is no more as he died 15 days ago. The news came on newspaper as well. Harman gets shocked. Soumya says you thought of fooling me after reading the news. But I won’t accept your lie ever. As my Harman ji never lied to me. He didn’t betray me. You are an imposter. Soumya was about to leave angrily but Harman stops her. Soumya and Harman look at each other. Harman says I can’t believe I have to give proofs to you several times. Harman says you will trust the records atleast right? He says I will find the records in his house. He goes to check the reports and files. But Harman doesn’t find anything.

Soumya says you couldn’t find anything as theres no such record. Soumya says stop your drama now. I am just fed up with you. Harman says please trust me. Soumya says do you want money? She says Harak Singh will give him money how much he wants. Soumya tells Harman to stay away from her family. Soumya says her relationship with Harman was very special. She used to feel his presence, when they lost their memories they were still connected. Harman says Soumya is still not alone. Soumya says she was tolerating his nonsense talk as he helped Simran. Now if he doesn’t stop all these, she will inform Police. She says whatever you know about Haraman ji that’s not enough. Soumya warns him and leaves.

Soumya looks for cab but doesn’t find. Harman tells they have to go by his car. Soumya says she can walk, she doesn’t need his help. Soumya moves forward and was about to fall but Harman holds her and lifts her up. Soumya tells him to get her down but he puts her in car. Harman says he won’t try anymore to prove he is Harman but right now Soumya needs his help so he will help her.

Due to landslide road gets blocked. Harman gets to know from a passerby. Soumya calls Preeto and gets to know there’s one farmhouse. Preeto tells her to go there. Soumya tells Harman the address but Harman says he knows the address as its his farmhouse only. Soumya tells him to hurry up. Harman says its good that you heard my conversation with the passerby else you would have blamed me I planned all these.

They reach the farmhouse. Soumya calls the guard but he doesn’t come. Harman says he will accompany Soumya until the guard comes. Soumya tells him to go. Harman says this road is not hers. He can wait as long as he wants. Soumya ignores him and goes towards the farmhouse.

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