Anupama 27 March 2024 Written Updates Full Episode – Holi celebrations turns chaotic with Toshu’s arrival

Holi, the festival of colors, usually brings joy and laughter. However, for Anupama and her family, this year’s celebration took an unexpected turn filled with turmoil and resolve.

Titu’s Mishap

The day began innocently enough, with Titu, known for his playful nature, attempting to apply color to Dimpy. But things quickly escalated when Vanraj, a figure of authority in the family, intervened. In the ensuing chaos, color spilled onto Dimpy’s forehead, leading to a tense situation.

Vanraj’s Threat

Vanraj’s anger flared as he confronted Titu, threatening him with dire consequences. Anupama, always the peacemaker, stepped in to diffuse the tension. Yet, her concern wasn’t just for Titu but also for her eldest son, Toshu, whose whereabouts and safety were on her mind.

Anupama’s Concerns

Despite attempts to enjoy the festival, Anupama couldn’t shake off her worries about Toshu. Even Babu ji’s attempts to reassure her couldn’t ease her troubled mind.

Yashdeep’s Inquiry

In a brief respite from the tension, Yashdeep’s innocent inquiry about Anupama’s well-being momentarily distracted her. They briefly discussed the success of the chaat stall, a glimmer of normalcy amidst the chaos.

Anupama’s Interaction with Yashdeep

Yashdeep’s playful request to apply color brought a rare smile to Anupama’s face. However, her joy was short-lived as Vanraj and Anuj’s disapproving looks cast a shadow over the moment.

Vanraj and Anuj’s Disapproval

Vanraj and Anuj’s disapproval of the playful exchange between Yashdeep and Anupama highlighted the underlying tensions within the family, hinting at deeper rifts.

Anupama’s Observations

Anupama’s keen eye caught sight of a stranger heading towards Kinjal and Pari, prompting her to spring into action to protect her daughters. Little did she know that this encounter would lead to a dramatic revelation.

Toshu’s Arrival

The stranger turned out to be none other than Toshu, whose sudden appearance left Kinjal and Pari in shock. Anupama’s heart swelled with a mix of relief and disappointment as she confronted her son about his actions.

Anupama’s Discussion with Toshu

Anupama’s conversation with Toshu was fraught with emotion as she grappled with feelings of betrayal and maternal love. Toshu’s explanations only added to her inner turmoil.

Anupama’s Determination

Despite Vanraj’s attempts to dissuade her, Anupama remained resolute in her decision to take Toshu to the police station. Her unwavering commitment to justice overshadowed any pleas for leniency.

Vanraj’s Persuasion

Vanraj’s efforts to persuade Anupama to reconsider fell on deaf ears as Anuj’s support bolstered her resolve. The family dynamics were put to the test as allegiances were drawn.


Pari happily shares with her friends that her dad is back, but the excitement quickly fades when one of her friends reveals that he’s actually in jail for theft. Anuj catches wind of this conversation, heightening the tension. Amidst the commotion, Pakhi questions Anupama’s mothering skills, but Anupama responds confidently, affirming herself as the best mom she can be.

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