Anupamaa 30 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Anuj confesses his feelings to Vanraj

Vanraj and Anuj grabbed each other by their collars and they started beating each other. Anuj says how dare you say such cheap things about me and Anu. Vanraj reponds because you are a liar. It turns out that all of this was a dream of Kavya. Vanraj and Anuj came out of the washroom like friends hugging each other saying you are my brother to each other. Both Anuj and Vanraj danced on various party tracks in drunk state and Anupama & Kavya enjoyed watching them.

Finally Anupama and Kavya takes them out of the disco. Kavya says I don’t know why all boys starting behaving weird after getting drunk. They made Anuj and Vanraj sit outside in a corner and Kavya went to book a room for herself and Vanraj. Anupama went to take curd so she can feed it to them to get them out of their drunk state.

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Anuj and Vanraj were all alone sitting together and Anuj started confessing his feelings to Vanraj. He says I love Anupama. Vanraj gets shocked hearing this but he was drunk so it did not effected him that much. Anuj says I lost from you as my scooter was slower then your horse.

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