Today Imlie Episode 22 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Aditya blames Imlie for losing his job

Dev meets Imlie on the road and requests her to withdraw the case. He says he can’t see both his daughters fighting against each other and also if this matter stays in court then their families will face further humiliation from the society. He further says that he knows Malini is wrong but there has to be some other way through which we can settle this out of court. Imlie tells Dev that she hopes Malini will realise her mistakes once she gets punished and she might stop seeing her as Sauten. She rejects Dev’s request saying that criminal needs to be punished and if her mother had taken a stand in the past then things would have been different in their village. Dev thanked Imlie for showing him the right path.

Imlie comes back to Tripathi house and Harish started blaming her because their family started suffering because of this case. Imlie says but I am fighting for the truth. Aditya shouts enough and he blamed Imlie for losing his job. He tells her that he can’t be a good son, a good husband but he always wanted to be a good journalist but now because of you my dream is over. He further says that we all are suffering because of you but you have not lost anything. Imlie started crying ass everyone leaves.

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Anu praised Malini on how she get Imlie suspended for the college. Malini says but I am feeling bad for Aditya as he has lost his job. Sundar gave an idea to Imlie. He suggests her to find proof at home. Imlie says I will find proof but before that I need to talk to Babu Sahib. Imlie went to Aditya’s room with the tea.

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