AbhiGya Romance in Lift – Kumkum Bhagya 28 July 2020 Episode Written

Pragya went to the mall and she saw a doll there and she remembers about Kiara asking for the same doll and she promised her that she will buy her the doll when they go to Delhi. Pragya went to the shop and asked for the doll and the shopkeeper gave it to her. Pragya’s friend Kammo came and she asked her where are they staying but suddenly Abhi came to the mall and her friend says that she will come in 2 minutes as she wants to take a selfie. Kammo tells Abhi that she wants a selfie with him then she says her friend is a very big fan of him and asks him to click a selfie with her as well. Kammo points at the counter but Pragya was not there then Kammo takes Abhi to the toy shop and then went to bring Pragya. Abhi saw the doll on the shop’s counter and had a flashback about his interactions with Kiara regarding the doll as he gets emotional. Pragya came there but she did not saw Abhi. Abhi saw Pragya and went after her.

Dushyant tells Maya’s father mother that Prachi is here and she can become a hurdle in Maya’s wedding with Ranbir so make Prachi understand to leave from here or I will make her understand in my way. Prachi and Shahana meets Ranbir and Aaryan and Ranbir says thank God you are here. Shahana starts teasing both Ranbir and Prachi. Maya’s mother came and asked Prachi to come to a side as she wants to talk to her and Prachi went. Shahana says I am not feeling good as maasi should’ve been here. Ranbir says don’t be scared nothing will happen.

At mall Pragya enters the lift and before the door closes Abhi puts his feet in the middle and stops it (Allah Waariyan starts playing in the background). Both got lost into each others eyes and gets happy. Abhi hugs Pragya and they started romance in the lift. Lift reaches ground floor and it opens as people came and saw them into each other arms. Abhi starts coughing and then lift closes. Abhi hugs Pragya again.

Maya’s mother takes Prachi to a room and asks her why she wants to break Maya’s marriage. Prachi says no one is happy with this wedding then Maya’s mother says maybe you don’t know how dangerous Maya’s father is. She further says that we don’t like your closeness with Ranbir. I will talk to your mother and she will tell you to stay away from Ranbir. Fix my meeting with your mother.

In the lift Abhi and Pragya had a funny nok jhok as Abhi says we didn’t clebrated Valentines Day and neither Holi together. Pragya says you did not called me on phone. Pragya also says that you did not came to cafe as I was waiting for you and I called you so many times. Abhi says why should I lie to you give me one reason. Pragya says I don’t know about that but I want to go down. Pragya pressed the button but the lift was not going down. Abhi says kiss me then it will go down. The lift got stuck.

Maya’s mother threatens Prachi that her husband will end her life to which Prachi gave her a befitting reply saying I will clean the dirt whether its in my house or my friend’s house. Pragya says why the lift got stuck. Abhi says because of you as you pressed a lot of buttons together. Pragya says you should have pampered me. Pragya then says its because of you and then Abhi says lets use our brain lets bang.

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