Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 15 September 2021 Written Update – Sai escapes from Chavan house

Sai gets angry and says how dare Virat sir locked me in the room. She bangs the door and says I will never forgive you for this Virat sir. Pakhi tells Samrat to go with her to the parlour and they will take some magazines with them as you will get occupied while waiting. Samrat asks Pakhi, How much time will you take? Pakhi responds 2 to 3 hours. Samrat says then you should go alone. Pakhi says even Virat waits for Sai when she goes to college. Samrat says I’m not Virat and he says stop finding Virat in me. Samrat tells her that I will fulfill all your desires but I don’t have any hope from you as you don’t need to make your choices thinking about my happiness and I promise you I will keep you in my life after which he leaves the room. Pakhi says why Samrat said this.

Chavan ladies were making preparations for the Pooja. Karishma says everyone is looking very happy today. Shivani says stop the talk and do work. Sonali says she did not said anything wrong. Karishma says if Sai bhabhi had said this then you would have praised her Shivani says yes and don’t compare yourself with her as Sai is Sai. Karishma says yes and I can’t be compared to her and she says Sai is doing studies in her room. Bhavani gets angry says usually Sai participates in everything and now she is studying. Omkar says she wants to become a neurosurgeon as she will do brain surgery thats why she is already spoiling our brain and if things keeps on going this way then this devi ji will become a big doctor one day. Mansi says yes she will become a surgeon as she has the ability and Shivani seconds that.

Bhavani says to Mansi not to support her as she is not participating in Pooja, all the other ladies are working. Bhavani says she won’t go to college. Sonali says she is doing this to escape from work. Omkar says I will see how she will go to college. Bhavani tells Karishma to call Sai downstairs. Virat came there and tells them that he locked Sai inside the room and he tells Karishma to turn on the music.

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Sai in her room says I know you are embarrassed Virat sir just because Pakhi did not came back in your life and you are doing this to me to satisfy your ego. She further says today I will show you how to get free and I will prove your misconception wrong. Sai throws her bag down the window and she escapes the room through a pipe. She thanked Ganpati Bappa and runs out of Chavan house. Sai says Mr. Virat Chavan how did you though that you can imprison me because till date no cage has been made which can imprison Sai Joshi. She further says now you will stay like the way you deserve, alone.

Precap: Sai says that at one side that whole family is trying to convince her that Virat sir loves me, but Virat’s behaves with me in a way like someone doesn’t even behave with an enemy. At college Pulkit asks Sai if Pakhi was not in between her and Virat’s equation, wouldn’t she have Virat love her. Sai says this year with the arrival Ganapati bappa’s , she will do something which will clear their differences forever.

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