Prithvi gets trapped in Sherlyn’s room – Kundali Bhagya 12 August 2020 Episode Written

Karan, Srishti and Sameer came to Sherlyn’s room and Sherlyn asked what happened Karan then he says we knew kidnapper is here then Srishti says we will make his Tangri kabab lets find him. Prithvi was hiding behind the bed thinks that he is a bit tensed now. While everyone was busy in searching the room, Sherlyn covers Prithvi with a sheet and puts a juice glass and magazines on top of his back making him look like a table. Mahira thinks that Sherlyn maybe double crossing her as she was calling her and Sherlyn was not picking the phone. Mahira saw Preeta and thinks what she is doing here as she was in mandap. Preeta thinks about Mahira’s plan to hurt Maahesh. Mahira thinks why she is coming here then Preeta stops her and says how dare she thinks of hurting someone else. Kareena came there and asks Mahira what she is doing here as today is your wedding with Karan Luthra so you should not roam around and don’t take tension because Karan invited Preeta because he hates her as he wants her to see his marriage from her eyes, because even Karan thinks that this woman is unlucky for us. Kareena tells Mahira to stay away from Preeta as Mahesh’s current condition is because of her and she can go to any extent.

Karan says no one is here, Srishti says there is no one in the bathroom then Sherlyn says I told you that there is no one here. Karan was about to take the juice glass then Sherlyn sits on table (Prithvi) and takes juice. Prithvi feels the pain because of Sherlyn’s weight. Sherlyn was about to drink juice but Srishti snatches it from Sherlyn’s hand and says its specially for Karan sir. Table (Prithvi) moves a bit and they got doubtful then Sherlyn says lets catch kidnapper then all of them left the room.

Preeta meets Srishti and Sameer then she saw the juice glass and says that she was thirsty then was about to drink it. Srishti says no its not for you then Preeta says how mean you are. Karan came and says this juice is mine as its our khandani fruit juice and its a quality juice so only quality people drinks it. Both of them had a funny nok jhok. At last Preeta left and Karan says its fun to annoy her then says to hurt her and drinks the juice. Srishti and Sameer got happy as their plan got successful.

Sherlyn removes the sheet from Prithvi and he finally takes a breathe of relief. Prithvi says you are very heavy then he asks her for water and Sherlyn gives him water and tells him to keep quiet. Prithvi asks Sherlyn tell me where I can hide as you know this place well. Rishabh knocks on the door and Sherlyn locks Prithvi in cupboard. Sherlyn opens the door and Rishabh was with the cops. Sherlyn says that they can’t come in as she is helping Mahira in cleaning her dress. Preeta thinks why Sherlyn is not letting them in. Prithvi tells his lucky mask to please save him. Cupboard door got jammed then Prithvi tells Sherlyn to get him out. Sherlyn says why you came here.

Kareena tells Mahira that it seems that the kidnapper got guts. Mahira says I am going to get fresh and Kareena says take care. Mahira says that she can’t take stress today as its her marriage. Preeta saw Mahira and says why she is getting ready again and says that means Sherlyn lied and is hiding someone in her room. Handle of cupoboard breaks then Prithvi starts a argument with Sherlyn. Prithvi says I am feeling a lot of suffocation then Sherlyn says keep quiet and he says ok.

Preeta to the back window of Sherlyn’s room. Prithvi wears the mask again as Sherlyn was opening cupboard. Sherlyn finally opens the cupboard and Prithvi comes out. Prithvi removes the mask and Sherlyn asks are you alright. Prithvi starts breathing. Preeta can’t see his face. Prithvi says thank you to his mask and wears it again. Preeta saw him and thinks this is the same masked man and that means that Sherlyn was behind the kidnapping. Preeta hears their whole plan of snatching Rishab’s property and then Rishabh knocks on door with the cops while Preeta was hiding on the back window. Preeta thinks that now you will be caught Sherlyn. Prithvi thinks that now he needs to jump through window. Preeta picks up the lamp and thinks that she will hit on his head with the lamp and shout loudly. Prithvi got trapped.

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