Spy Bahu episode 5 written updates 18 March 2022 – Sejal regains her lost childhood memory

The strange person introduces himself as Suryakant Sharma to Sejal. He says that he is an officer from Indian Police Force Research and Analysis Wing. Sejal says I am not Mahira. Suryakant says then why is the Sejal from Jamnagar offering Namaz in this mosque. He says have you ever wondered how you spoke Kashmiri language or why are you seeing all these flashbacks here all of a sudden. Sejal says I don’t trust you and Suryakant asked her for 10 minutes otherwise she will never find out the truth.

Suryakant took Sejal to her childhood house and she got emotional seeing the house. Sejal started having flashbacks about how she was celebrating Fareed’s birthday with his father Sharif and mother Ayat. She went to the bedroom and there she had the flashback of her mother hiding her in the cupboard. She says that she still doesn’t believe all this and Suryakant asked her about the locket in her neck. She saw the flashback of Suryakant putting locket in her neck.

Sejal finds out that her whole family got killed by the militants. She went outside and started crying. She asked Suryakant why you brought me here. He says that your father used to work for us as an informer and I have lots of respect for him and now I need you. Sejal curses him for being so selfish and reminding her about her past just for his mission. Suryakant says it will take only 6 months and you will get special training. Sejal leaves from there crying.

Minal, Saras and Bamba were clicking photographs outside a shop and Sejal came there. She hugged Minal and got emotional. Bamba started crying seeing Sejal crying and Sejal calms him down.

Yohan asked about Sohail to a shopkeeper and he responds that he has not arrived here since last two years. Yohan left a photo of Sohail at the shop. Sohail came out of the shop and he steals a showpiece from there.

Sejal saw Yohan and he says what you want from me now my kidney. Sejal responds I came to give you your wallet back. Yohan saw Sohail and he started chasing him. Sejal started running behind Yohan. Sohail throws the showpiece under rickshaw. Yohan grabbed Sohali by collar and he told him to decide and Sohail says I am ready. Bomb blast happened and both Sejal & Yohan fell on the ground.

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