MasterChef India Episode 2 January 2023 Written Updates (Auditions Round) – Selected Contestants Names with Dishes Details

MasterChef India is back with its 7th season and it started with auditions round on the first episode which was aired on 2 January 2023 on Sony TV channel. Well known Chef’s Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Garima Arora are the judges for this edition and these three will decide the fate of all the aspirants throughout this season.

The auditions for MasterChef India Season 7 took place in 4 different cities of India which are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The first episode of this edition started with the audition of a professional cake artist and it ended with the selection of a young PhD student.

MasterChef India Season 7 EP 1 Auditions – All Contestants Names and Info with their Dishes Details and Selections :

First Contestant – Priyanka Kundu Biswas (Cake Artist) – Age 32 Years – From Kolkata – Chef Vikas Khanna recognized Priyanka after seeing her and she said that she made a dish named Bridge of love which is a Moist chocolate cake filled with cinnamon flavoured apple. All three chef’s tasted her dish and Vikas loved her dish a lot. Priyanka got the apron and she got selected for next round.

Second Contestant – Mohabbat Singh Cheema (Farmer and Food Truck Owner) – Age 36 Years – From Punjab – He said that before starting his food truck service, he was working at an American bank in Delhi and he also said that Chef Ranveer Brar is his Guru because he got inspired a lot by his recipes. He introduced his dish i.e. Paneer Makhani Pizza and all three judges loved the home grown ingredients which he used in the making of the Pizza. Vikas Khanna loved the thin crust of the pizza. Finally Mohabbat Singh Cheema gets selected and he got the apron.

Third Contestant – Nazia Sultana (Homemaker) – Age 33 Years – From Guwahati – She made a dish named Savoury Japanese Souffle Pancake. Judges said that they did not expected such kind of dish from them. They also got very emotional hearing story about her daughter Alvira Sultana because she had verbal problems. All the judges said yes for her and she got the apron finally.

Fourth Conestant – Dyuti Banerjee (Professor) – Age 32 Years – From Kolkata – She was having trouble in turning on the gas stove and chef Ranveer helped her after which she made a tadka to her dish in front of the chefs. She made a Bengali Style Congee. Ranveer Brar played a prank with her by rejecting her at first saying that your dish needs more refinement but finally she got selected for next round by getting the apron.

Fifth Contestant – Avinash Patnaik (PhD Student) – Age 32 Years – From Bhubaneswar – He made a traditional Odiya dessert named Gaintha Pitha which is flavoured with Pandan leaves, served with coral jasmine, infused milk, and Indian almonds. Chefs got impressed by his dish and he got entry in the next round.

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