Naagin Season 6 Episode 13 Written Updates 26 March 2022 – Pratha stopped Shangrila from poisoning Yamuna’s water

Truck arrived and Mahek says now how we will spot the truck which has the venom. Pratha spotted the truck and says its the truck with the red flag. Mahek and Pratha stopped the truck after which Mahek started opening its back door. Driver stopped Mahek and tells her what are you doing and she bites him saying the same what should have been done with the traitors of my country. Mahek opened the door and it was empty. Pratha says where is the poison. Mahek says so it means there was someone else. Pratha says venom came in human form.

Traitors talked and says that they made a Naagin Shangrila who looks like Shalaka. Pratha calls her and says who are you and she says I am vish naagin from Chingistan and my name is Shangrila. Pratha and Mahek got shocked seeing her and says she looks completely like Shalaka.

Rishab’s boss tells him about the truck and he says I have got a big lead and I am working on it. Shangrila says I will poison the whole water of India and Pratha says you won’t be successful. Shangrila says I am doing it for my country Chingistan. Pratha dares Shangrila to touch the water and Shangrila tried doing it but Pratha stopped her. Pratha started giving Shangrila a lecture and says I won’t let you do anything bad to my country at any cost.

Traitors discussed that the most poisonous venom can’t harm Sheesh Naagin but this Naagin of ours can hurt her. Shangrila says I am your antidote and Pratha dares Shangrila to come and fight with her. Both the Naagins started fighting.

Rishabh came in the bedroom and he says that she is not here. Where does she went I have to see it. Reem confronts Rishabh telling him that you lied to me as you married Pratha only because you have doubts on her. Rishabh says I love you to Reem.

Pratha & Shangrila started fighting and Shangrila was dominating Pratha. Mahek tries to help Pratha but she stopped her from interfering. Rishabh tells Reem everything regarding his suspicions about Pratha. Rishabh says that he wants to save his country and that’s why he did not married her. Reem hugged Rishabh and she was going to kiss him.

Shangrila tries to take off Pratha’s Mangalsutra and Pratha says that now she will break her hand. Pratha breaks Shangrila’s hand. Rishabh tells Reem that we need to wait till my mission gets complete and Reem tells him that tomorrow on your birthday I will do something special for you and you won’t stop me. Rishabh says ok I won’t.

Pratha takes off the pouch of venom from Shangrila’s neck and then she trapped her in a trunk saying you will never escape the Sheesh Naagin’s prison. Mahek tells Pratha to be safe from this red poison and never let her attack you on your spine. Pratha tells Mahek that we need to go from here and then we will decide what to do with this Naagin.

Pratha came back home and Rishabh started questioning her. He asked her where were you and Pratha gets nervous. Rishabh came close to Pratha and she started getting uncomfortable. He asked Pratha how did you get wet and Pratha asked Rishabh about the lipstick mark on his jacket. Pratha tells Rishabh that if she found out that he is having an affair then she will end this marriage.

Mahek came and tells Rishabh that you are being called for breakfast. Rishabh went out. Mahek tells Pratha that you can’t love someone as you are a Sheesh Naagin. Mahek prays to Shiv Ji that hope so Pratha will never get fallen in love as love will become a curse for her.

Shangrila came to the Gujaral house and she introduced herself as Shagun.Urvashii and Seema got jealous seeing her. Lalit started flirting with Shangrila. Seema says she is a very good psychiatrist and she is the only one who can treat her husband. Pratha sees Shangrila and gets shocked seeing her at Gujral house.

Shangrila tells Rishabh that she met Pratha last night at the shore of Yamuna and Pratha was doing Raassleela there. Later Shangrila says that she is joking as she was there with her friends. Reem apologized to Rishabh for lipstick mark in front of Pratha to make her jealous. Shangrila tells Pratha that in a few hours I will get my venom back and then I will mix it in Yamuna.

Pratha wished birthday to Rishabh and Rishabh says seems like you forgot about my birthday. Pratha says someone has already wished you birthday so seems like you didn’t need my wish. Shangrila gives some medicine to Lalit. She had a conversation with Asurs and says I will get my poison back at any cost which I lost because of some mistake.

Mahek tells Pratha that she will never find her venom and Pratha says we can’t take her lightly as she came out of such a powerful trunk. Shangrila changed her form and as Pratha she asked Mahek that she is getting tensed as Shangrila might find the venom. Mahek revealed the location of venom in frront of Shangrila. Shangrila came in her original form and Mahek thinks that I need to tell Pratha that Shangrila has found the location of poison. Shangrila tried to enter the temple where poison was kept but she failed.

Whole Gujaral family went to Shiv temple and Mahek informs Pratha that Shangrila found out about the poison’s location. Pratha says don’t worry di as this is Lord Shiva’s temple and only his true followers can come here. Pandit Ji tells Pratha to apply Bhasam on Rishabh and after applying Bhasam on Rishabh, Pratha prays to Shiv Ji for blessings and power to defeat Shangrila.

Pandit ji tells Rishabh and Pratha to get ready for Abhishek and then they both started doing the Abhishek of Shivling. Shangrila hypnotizes Vivaan and Rihaan after which she tells them to bring Rakt Kamal for her. Pratha finds out about Shangrila’s evil plan.

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