PlayStation 5 Pro India Expected Launch Date, Estimated Price, GTA 6 Bundle, Wait or Not? – Full Details

Good days are coming soon for console gamers it seems as the PlayStation 5 Pro is almost confirmed to be launching in Holidays 2024 and as per the leaked specs of PS5, this mid-gen console refresh by Sony is going to be a beast when it comes to performance as the console is going to launch with 3 times more teraflops as compared to the OG version, and also 45% faster rendering speed along with 2-3 times more Ray-tracing capabilities.

Indian PlayStation fans are also very excited about the launch of PS5 Pro and in this article we will tell you that when you can expect the launch of PlayStation 5 Pro in India, also its estimated price, potential GTA 6 bundle details, and whether you should wait for its launch or not.

When will Sony PS5 Pro Console Launch in India?

Sony PS5 Original Fat version was official launch in USA markets on 12 November 2020 and its Indian launch took place on 2 February 2021 (3 months later). If Sony follows the same norm, then it is highly expected that PS5 Pro USA release will take place at around November 2024 and the Indian version will hit the shelves sometime between Feb 2025 – March 2025.

What will be the Estimated Sony PS5 Pro Console Launch Price in India?

Indian Disk version of Sony PS5 OG fat version is easily available right now at various offline and online retailers at somewhere around Rs 50,000 – Rs 55,000, and it is highly expected that PS5 Pro will launch in India at a hefty price of somewhere between Rs 65,000 – Rs 80,000 range.

Will there be a GTA 6 Bundle for PS5 Pro Console or Not?

As per many industry experts and analysts, Sony is launching PS5 Pro mid-gen console refresh, especially keeping the release of Rockstar Games juggernaut GTA 6 in mind, and there is almost a 90% chance that we will get to see a GTA 6 bundle for PS5 Pro, whenever the game releases in year 2025.

Is it worth waiting for Sony PS5 Pro Console, or should I buy the Original PS5 Fat or PS5 Slim version?

Sony PS5 Pro console is going to be almost 3 times superior than the original Fat and slim version of PlayStation 5 with more storage space and as per our recommendation, it is the smart choice to wait for the launch of PS5 Pro, rather than wasting money on a much inferior console right now.

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