PS5 Reveal Event India Start Time, Where to Watch, Expected India Price and Game Reveals

Sony Entertainment Playstation 5 reveal event will happen on 11 June 2020 and expectations are quite high regarding this extravaganza as console gamers are expecting a big leap in the next chapter of gaming also it will be interesting to see the launch lineup of this next gen gaming box by Sony and to know what they have in store for us for future.

In India there are many gamers who are excited to watch this event live and they are very curious to know at what time will PS5 reveal event be broadcasted live in India. So, don’t worry we are here to answer all these questions. Playstation 5 reveal event in India will start at around 1:30 AM Indian Standard Time on 12 June 2020.

Also there is one more questiion in every Indian console gamer mind that what is going to be the launch price of PS5 in India. Well the new PS5 console is expected to be priced at around $650 in US markets at launch and based on that we are expecting it to be priced between Rs 60000 – Rs 70000 range in India at launch.
Speaking of the games which are expected to be announced at Playstation 5 reveal event, Well these are the game which are rumored to be shown at the event :

1. Demon Souls Remake

2. Resident Evil 8

3. Horizon Zero Dawn 2

4. Gran Turismo 7

5. Silent Hill Reboot

6. New Ratchet & Clank Title

7. Resistance/Bloodborne Remasters

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