OMG 2 (Bollywood 2023 Film) Spoiler Free Review with Major Pros and Cons :

Bollywood satirical comedy sequel film OMG 2 has been released on theatres worldwide today on 11 August 2023 and we got to watch the first day first show of this much anticipated Akshay Kumar starrer. Based on our opinions of this 156 minute long film, we are going to give you all the in-depth spoiler free review of OMG 2 in this article further.

Full Spoiler Free Review of OMG 2 Hindi Film with Positives and Negatives :

OMG 2 is more of a sensitive court-room drama than a satirical comedy film (as claimed by makers) just like its prequel and it takes the bold initiative to educate the Indian masses on a sexual topic which is considered as embarrassing for most of the families in the country. The overall writing is very bold and by no means its a family film, but its a film which is a must watch for the youth of India so that they can avoid doing the same mistakes which our ancestors have made in the past.

The film highlights the importance of sexual education and with its bold script, it makes a sincere attempt to clear many silly misconceptions of Indian youth as well as their parents. Also director and writer “Amit Rai” has done a wonderful job in showing the kind of role schools can play in making young children a lot more aware about these taboo subjects.

Pankaj Tripathi as Kanti Sharan Mudgal and Yami Gautam as defence lawyer “Kamini Maheshwari” are the souls of this entire film. Their court-room confrontations in the 2nd half keeps the audience engaged. Akshay Kumar as the messenger of God has emerged as the backbone of this film, but more than a Akshay film, its a a Pankaj Tripathi show from start to finish.

The only major con of OMG 2 is that Akshay Kumar fans might feel little bit betrayed because Pankaj Tripathi has outshined Akki in every single aspect in this film and the script as well as overall direction has a lot to do with it. But on the other hand, Mirzapur fans will enjoy this film a lot and you will see a lot of memes on the internet from this film in the coming days.

Our Final Rating for OMG 2 (2023) Hindi Film is 4/5*

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