Gadar 2 vs Pathaan Box Office Battle – Can Gadar 2 overtake Pathaan? – Full Comparison with Details

Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 has brought a tsunami at India box office as the Bollywood period action drama sequel film has joined the Rs 200 crore collection club in just 5 days. Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Pathaan’ which was released earlier this year on 25 January 2023, is the current record holder of the biggest grosser Hindi film of all time at the Indian box office with a lifetime collection of Rs 543.22 crore (India biz only) and now Gadar 2 is somewhat challenging this milestone.

Debate between the fans of both Sunny Deol & SRK has already started escalating on the matter of Gadar 2 vs Pathaan lifetime business and now even some popular trade analysts have also joined this debate. In this article further we will discuss about the possibility of Gadar 2 overtaking Pathaan’s lifetime collection at Indian box office and also what are the overall chances of this happening.

Gadar 2 vs Pathaan First 5 Days Collection in India Side by Side Comparison :

First of all we are comparing the first 5 days collection of both ‘Gadar 2 and Pathaan 2’ for a better understanding of the competition Sunny Deol’s Bollywood sequel is giving to the SRK’s all time blockbuster Hindi film :

GADAR 2 Collection First 5 Days India Collection Pathaan Collection First 5 Days India Collection
Day 1 – Rs 40.10 crore Day 1 – Rs 55 crore
Day 2 – Rs 43.08 crore Day 2 – Rs 68 crore
Day 3 – Rs 51.70 crore Day 3 – Rs 38 crore
Day 4 – Rs 38.70 crore Day 4 – Rs 51.50 crore
Day 5 – Rs 55.40 crore Day 5 – Rs 58.50 crore
Total – Rs 228.98 crore Total – Rs 271 crore

After comparing the first 5 days collection of Gadar 2 and Pathaan, we found out that Gadar 2 is still trailing by a margin of Rs 42.02 crores and it will be extremely hard for the Sunny Deol’s film to cover this gap. The biggest reason behind the gap is that Pathaan got a solo release, while Gadar 2 is competing against Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 since Day 1.

Gadar 2 has a golden chance to do the impossible and become the first ever Hindi film to cross Rs 600 crore collection mark at Indian box office, but to achieve such a humongous milestone, a lot will depend on whether it will be able to keep the momentum alive or maybe it’s hype will die down in the coming days.

As of 16 August 2023, Pathaan has the clear edge over Gadar 2 and it appears very unlikely for this Sunny Deol’s juggernaut to crush down the milestone created by SRK’s all time blockbuster hit.

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