The Last of US 2 Gets Review Bombed on Metacritic and It Deserves This – Here’s Why ?

Naughty Dog’s much anticipated action adventure story game The Last of Us Part 2 has been released earlier today and the Neil Druckmannn directed sequel to the 2013 game TLOU Part One has gotten thrashed on Metacritic User Reviews and quite honestly a lot of these seems to be quite honest and valid. Just a week back this Telltale style story game has gotten God tier reviews from many of the top rated Gaming portals and many of these reviews raised some eyebrows as they seemed quite fishy.

Well In the gaming industry paid reviews are not a new thing as we have seen in the past games like Madden NFL and Fifa by EA getting 10’s and 9’s by many of the top gaming websites every single year despite of the fact that these games are getting worst and wrost with every installment as they are getting heavier on the microtransactions sides and speaking of the new features, well we are just getting a few roster updates and nothing else. So how the hell these games deserves a 9 or a 10 rating is the bigger question.

Now speaking about The Last of US Part 2 which has gotten a 10 rating by most of the top rated Gaming websites and even some of these admitted in their reviews that the gameplay is not fun and the story is lackluster so can someone please elaborate how does a action adventure story game deserves a 10 rating if it lacks both on the gameplay as well as the story side. Well we won’t post any spoilers in this article but we can surely confirm that the ending of the Last of US Part 2 is trash and it will make you regret why you wasted so many hours on playing this game.

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