Naagin Season 6 Episode 22 Written Updates 24 April 2022 – Rishabh & Pratha romantic dance after getting reunited

Marriage rituals of Pratha and Yash marriage started. All the Naags and Naagins from Naag lok came to see their marriage. Pratha was getting emotional thinking about Rishabh. Both Pratha and Yash puts crown on each other foreheads. Rishabh came and he did their gathbandhan. Pratha and Yash started taking the sacred rounds of holy fire. Pratha was looking at Rishabh while taking rounds of fire. Finally Yash puts sindoor in Pratha’s maang but it turns out that it was all a dream of hers as Pratha has not taken the rounds yet.

Pratha finally started taking the rounds of holy fire and she was crying while doing that. Fire started burning all over the mandap because of Pratha’s tears and Mahek tells her not to cry anymore. Yash in his Sheesh Naag form blows off the fire. Pratha tells Yash lets start the rounds and Yash says no because there is someone else in your heart. He sees in her eyes using his powers and he saw Rishabh’s face in her eyes. Yash says you both are connected by souls and you still have the mangalsutra in your hands. Finally Yash frees Pratha from all the commitments and allows her to go to her love. Yash says there is a way to free Sheesh Naagin from this commitment as Sheesh Naag needs to become Brahamchaari and needs to take Brahamchaari vrat. Finally Yash takes the oath in front of Lord Shiva that he won’t marry anyone in his life. Pratha thanked Yash for his sacrifice and he tells her to go back to his love.

Urvashi puts forth the proposal of Rishabh and Reem’s wedding in front of Seema. Reem says she is ready to marry Rishabh. Radha says that if Urvashi Ji is proposing for her daughter marriage then we shouldn’t lose the opportunity. Lalit Gujral proposed Urvashi for marriage by calling her aunty ji.

Mahek tells Pratha to go to Rishabh and live your life. Pratha gets shocked seeing Rishabh and Reem getting married in the mandap. Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh started playing as Pratha got broken down.

Seema sees Pratha and she asked her how did you came back as you had went with Yash. She tells Pratha that I saw love in your eyes for Rishabh and Pratha says I failed to marry Yash because I love Rishabh. Pratha says I’m leaving and Seema says I will drop you.

Seema drops Pratha at the bus stop and she tells her that my prayers are always with you so take care. Mahek tells Pratha to go back to the palace behind Neelgiri mountain. Sitting in the bus Pratha was crying thinking about Rishabh. A guy was sitting next to Pratha and he introduced himself as Farishta to Pratha. He tells Pratha that once Lord Shiva told him that if a person doesn’t have anyone to help him/her then God comes for help. Farishta gave Sheesh Naag book to Pratha and he tells her to read it. It turns out that Yash sent Farishta to give the book to Pratha.

Pratha started reading the book. Suddenly she sees on her side seat and nobody was there. She asked the people in the bus and they say that nobody was there. Pratha further reads the book and as per book the 7th maha asur will start a new story and that asur will try to kill the love of Sheesh Naagin. Pratha says that I won’t let anything bad happen to Rishabh Ji and she tells the bus driver to stop the bus.

Pratha came back home and she tells Seema that she wants to talk to Rishabh Ji. Seema tells Pratha that Reem & Rishabh got married and now we are preparing for their Grahpravesh. It turns out that Reem got married to Ritesh and Rishabh did it because he was in love with Pratha.

Flashback shown : Rishabh’s sisters got electric shock and Rishabh went to fix the wiring. In the dark Rishabh convinced Ritesh to get married to Reem and Reem says its a yes from her side because she wants to move on in her life.

Back to Present – Pratha and Rishabh looked at each other after which Hamesha Tumko Chaha played. Rishabh and Pratha got happy knowing that they both did not married to Reem & Yash. Rishabh brought Pratha in bedroom. Pratha and Rishabh apologized to each other. Rishabh decorated the bedroom for Pratha and then he gifted her glass dome by bending on his knees. Pratha and Rishabh did a romantic dance after which Rishabh puts mangalsutra back in her neck.

A flying dart came and it hits the neck of Rishabh. Pratha thinks about what she read in the book.

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