Naagin Season 6 Episode 15 Written Updates 2 April 2022 – Pratha slapped Rishabh

Rishabh and Reem meets Mayank to gather information about Pratha from him. Reem offered him a blank cheque and he accepts. Mayank says that he knows Pratha only since past 3-4 months. He shows photographs of the place at where he met Pratha for the first time. Mayank tells Rishabh that he thinks Pratha is a Icchadaari Naagin because he saw Hina Khanna turning into a Naagin at his wedding night. Rishabh started laughing and he dismissed Mayank’s claims saying he was drunk that night. Mayak says ok I agree but still there is something weird about this girl Pratha.

Mahek, Pratha, and Shalaka came near Yamuna. Pratha says she will drink the Yamuna’s water even if she dies. Shalaka says Pratha needs to call Lord Shiva so that she can take the Virat roop to drink the poisonous water of Yamuna. Pratha and Shalaka started dancing in front of Lord Shiva idol on Aajaho Nagraja song. Pratha finally gets the powers from Lord Shiva.

Pratha started drinking the poisonous water of Yamuna. Meanwhile Rishabh went to investigate about Pratha at her college and Principal says this girl was not a student here. Rishabh then went to Pratha’s work place and manager says he is seeing her for the first time. Rishabh went to Pratha’s neighbourhood and they said that Pratha & her father were used to live here but they doesn’t come out very often as it seems like they were hiding something.

Professor says he is proud of Sheesh Naagin and Shalaka says Pranaam to her. Pratha fell down after consuming the poison. Rishabh says maybe Pratha is in alliance with the traitors of the country. There were black spots on Pratha’s body and Professor says we need to take her back behind the Neelgiri mountain palace below the ground. Pratha says I don’t want to go there. Professor says she needs to go to the place at which she became Sheesh Naagin and Mahek says she can’t go there, Professor asks why? Mahek says I can’t tell.

Pratha entered the shower and Rishabh came there. She was feeling dizzy and he puts her on bed. Rishabh tries to get close to her thinking she is having fever and Pratha woke up. She says what were you trying to do and leaves. Pratha started vomiting and she tells Seema that she is feeling restless and having headache. Radha says Pratha is pregnant and Seema asks Pratha, are you Pregnant? Dadi congratulated Rishabh saying you are going to become father.

Rishabh thinks how did she got pregnant because nothing happened between us, so why is she lying. Shalaka forces Pratha to go to the Neelgiri mountain and she says I don’t want to go there. Mahek tells Shalaka I want to help Pratha. Suddenly Mahek finds a torn piece of cloth and she says maybe its belongs to the person who killed Diya.

Rishabh tries to talk to Reem but she tells him to go to Pratha as you are about to become father. Rishabh says nothing happened between us and Reem says maybe that child belongs to someone else. Rishabh says Pratha is not that kind of girl.

Vivaan & Samaira got engaged and Samaira’s brother Yash also came there. Glass fell from Pratha’s hand and Yash offered her his handkerchief. Rishabh got jealous and Reem asks why are you getting jealous. Seema says Pratha is the daughter-in-law of this house and Yash says I thought she is daughter. Seema responds yes she is like our daughter. Shalaka tells Pratha that tonight we can kill three Asurs and Pratha says yes we will do it.

Reem tells Rishabh that Pratha went to Yamuna shore that day and maybe something happened there so that she got pregnant. Rishabh says no its not possible. Shalaka confronted 3 traitors but one of them ran away and she trapped two traitors. Pratha came there and she grabbed both of them by her tail. Both the traitors started seeking mercy from Pratha but she says you went against my country after which she puts both of them inside a pit.

Seema tells Rishabh to bring Pratha downstairs and don’t fight with her because she is pregnant. Shalaka again tells Pratha to go to the Neelgiri mountain for her treatment but she refused. Rishabh came downstairs and he says Pratha is not in her room. Pratha came there and she says she went outside to get fresh air. Urvashi tells Mahek to bring some gifts for guests from the bedroom upstairs.

Reem tells Urvashi that Rishabh married Pratha because of some mission and that child in her womb belongs to someone else. Yash tells Pratha to save him from Rishabh’s sisters and then all three of them started running around Pratha. Rishabh was getting jealous after which he started drinking. Reem started provoking Rishabh by saying that maybe this child belongs to Yash.

Mahek finds out a piece of cloth in bedroom with the same fabric of the torn piece she found earlier at the terrace. She says maybe Diya’s murderer is inside this house. Pratha says Rishabh is weird because he is not getting effected knowing I’m pregnant. Mahek confronts Lalit and he says he bought this cloth for a boy in this house. Mahek thinks that this cloth might belongs to someone amongst Ritesh, Vivaan, and Rihaan.

Reem came in Rishabh’s bedroom and Rishabh in his drunk state misidentified her as Pratha. Reem hugged Rishabh and Pratha entered the bedroom. Pratha leaves the room and Rishabh went behind her. Rishabh locked the door of the room and he tells Pratha you shouldn’t have any problem with Reem hugging me because she is my ex-girlfriend. Rishabh asks Pratha about who is the father of the child. Pratha says I’m disgusted with you. Rishah asks do you love anyone or does this child belongs to just anyone. Pratha slapped Rishabh and says you passed such a cheap statement today, never say this again.

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