MTV Splitsvilla X4 EP 10 Written Updates 11 Dec 2022 – Boys got exposed and Wild Card Girls Entry

Boys received a scroll at Isle of Mars and they were given an opportunity to write love letters for their connections and send them to Isle of Venus. All the boys started writing letter for the girls. Aagaz Akhtar writes a letter for Sakshi Dwivedi and he also sends her a hand made necklace. Sohail D writes a letter for Shrea Prasad and Kashish Thakur writes a letter for all the girls.

At Isle of Venus, girls received the letters and gifts sent to them by the boys and they got quite impressed. Kashish Ratnani loved reading Joshua’s letter as he even sprayed his perfume on it. Akashlina made fun of Honey Kamboj’s letter as it was quite obvious that he was not good at writing letter.

Boys received a message at Isle of Mars and they were told to get ready as they will soon receive a surprise. All the boys were eagerly waiting for the girls to come but to their surprise, three hot new wild card girl contestants entered the villa and all the boys got very happy seeing their arrival.

Hiba Trabelssi, Prakshi Goyal, and Mehak Semby entered Splitsvilla X4 as Wild Card Contestants

Sohail D opened his shirt for Hiba Trabelssi and she started touching his abs. Justin D’Cruz started doing hot dance with the girls. Kashish Thakur started making efforts to impress Prakshi Goyal but Aagaz Akhtar took her away and seeing this Kashish felt sad. Joshua took Mehak Sembhy to a separate room and she told him to propose her while imagining Kashish Ratnani. Joshua proposed Mehak and then he kissed her hand.

Amir Hossein gave white and yellow flowers to Hiba Trabelssi after which he received kisses on both his cheeks from her. Mehak came to Kashish Thakur and she sits alongside him after which they had a romantic chat. Mehak tells Kashish to give her a kiss on her cheek and he obliged.

Later on, all three wild card girls received a scroll and they were informed that they will stay at Isle of Mars tonight with the boys. All the boys got very happy knowing that the new hot wild card girls will stay with them.

Next morning, girls received a scroll at Isle of Venus and they were told to get ready because soon they will be shown that what boys were doing last night at Isle of Mars. All the girls got ready and they came to the location.

Girls were shown on LED screen about boys flirting, kissing and getting close with the three new wild card girls last night at Isle of Venus. All the girls got very upset seeing their reality especially Sakshi Shrivas and Kashish Ratnani. Soundous was feeling relieved because Hamid was not involved in any shady activity.

All the girls got ready and went to their next task location. Sunny had a chat with the girls and they told her about what they saw on the LED screen. Sunny called all the boys and the new wild card girls. Sakshi Shrivas abused Justin D’Cruz and he remained quiet.

Sunny Leone reveals that whatever happened last night between wild card girls and boys at Isle of Mars, was a challenge for the wild card girls. Mehak tells Kashish that Joshua was clearly giving her signals. Kashish tells Joshua that Hamid was not involved in any shady act but you were. Joshua said that Hamid acted smart. Hamid and Joshua had an heated argument.

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