MTV Splitsvilla 14 Episode 20 Written Updates 15 January 2023 – Mehak vs Kashish Fight and Fruit Juice Challenge Details

Episode no. 20 of MTV Splitsvilla 14 on 15 January 2023 started with Mehak Sembhy confronting Kashish Thakur about opening his shirt in front of Akashlina Chandra at the pool. Mehak went to talk to Akashlina and she told Mehak that she has feelings for Kashish. Akashlina was wearing Kashish’s hoodie and Mehak asks her about it after which Akashlina responds saying that she likes it.

Mehak was continuously asking Akashlina, Why you took off Kashish’s shirt? Mehak called Kashish Thakur and she question him saying, Why didn’t you stopped her? Kashish said to Mehak that there was nothing like that and Mehak says then that means you will strip in front of her.

Mehak got very aggressive and Kashish was trying to calm her down but she refuses to talk to him. Akashlina was chilling in a corner with Amir & Hamid and she was enjoying the entire drama between Mehak and Kashish.

The special dates for both the winners of Wild Stone task (Moose Jattana and Sakshi Shrivas) started and Honey Kamboj went to have a special date with Moose. He said a Punjabi Shayari for her and she started blushing hearing it. Honey puts a flower in her ear and she got very happy.

Sakshi Shrivas was waiting at the special date location and then both Justin & Tara arrived wearing hats. Sakshi tells them that she is thinking from last few days that I have to pick one guy but I need to confess that I like you both. Tara tells her that I genuinely love you and when I see you I feel that I don’t want to live with anyone else.

Tara Prasad tells Sakshi Shrivas that he personally wants her to win this show and if she wins then he will think that he has won. Justin tells Sakshi that if she wants him to step back then he will do that. Sakshi says that I want to spent some alone time with both of you one by one. Tara left and Sakshi & Justin started having some romantic time at the special date.

Sakshi & Justin were doing a romantic dance and Tara came there after which Justin left the dating spot. Tara complimented Sakshi for the dress she is wearing and he tells her that he won’t perform with anyone else because he only wants to be with her. Sakshi and Tara did a romantic dance on Gehraiyaan song.

Next morning Contestants received a scroll and they were informed to get ready and come to meet Arjun Bijlani at Power Gummies Challenge location.

Splitsvillains reached the Power Gummies challenge location and Arjun Bijlani asked Honey & Sakshi about their dates last night. Finally Arjun started explaining the challenge details.

Both the ideal matches will perform and last challenge winners Moose and Sakshi will perform as well. Moose and Sakshi have to pick partners for the challenge and if they win, they will get the powers of ideal match.

  • Moose Jattana chooses Honey Kamboj to perform.
  • Sakshi Shrivas chooses Justin D’Cruz to perform

Power Gummies Challenge :

  • Challengers will be one team – Justin D’Cruz, Sakshi Shrivas, Moose Jattana, and Honey Kamboj
  • Ideal Matches will be one team – Kashish Thakur, Akashlina Chandra, Amir Hossein, and Pema Leilani

Teri Katli Meri Juicely Challenge Details – Both the teams have to take out fruit juice. At stage 1, boy will grab a sword and he will lie on the ramp and then he will try to cut fruits while the opposing boy will try to throw him out of the ramp. In 2nd Stage, the girl will go to take out the fruit juice by using her bum and then she has to collect that juice in a container. In the last stage, the opponent girl will toss the spices in the juice bowl and the more spices will go inside the bowl, the more amount of shots will get less from the bowl. Both the teams will have 10 minutes time limit to perform the challenge.

Round 1 – Amir Hossein and Pema Leilani went first to take out the juice while Honey Kamboj and Moose Jattana tried to block them.

Round 2 – Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas went second to take out the juice while Kashish Thakur and Akashlina Chandra tried to block them.

Challengers team Honey Kamboj, Moose Jattana, Justin D’Cruz, and Sakshi Shrivas wins the challenge by defeating ideal matches.

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