MasterChef India Episode 20 January 2023 Written Updates – 2nd Pressure Test and Two Eliminations

MasterChef India Season 7 Episode 15 has already been telecasted on 20 January 2023 on Sony TV and we saw gorgeous Parsi Chef Anahita Dhondy making an appearance on the show. Black apron pressure test took place between 6 unsafe home cooks and at the end of the episode, two cooks got eliminated from the show.

All the home cooks came to the MasterChef India kitchen for their pressure test wearing black aprons. Ranveer Brar asked Priyanka Kundu Biswas to tell the name of the contestant whose effort was the best from your team in the team service challenge and she took Priya Vijan’s name.

Priya Vijan gets safe from the pressure test and she joined other safe home cooks in the gallery.

MasterChef India Season 7 EP 15 – 2nd Pressure Test Result with Full Details :

Chef Anahita Dhondy came with the pressure test for all the unsafe contestants and she presented a dish named Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht after which she told them that this dish is from a small town in Gujarat. All the home cooks tasted the dish.

Ranveer Brar told home cooks that they need to replicate the Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht dish by Chef Anahita Dhondy during their pressure test and recipes will be provided to them. Vikas Khanna announced that Amul Pantry will remain close today. Ranveer Brar told them that support Pantry will remain open. Garima Arora announced that Bosch cooking appliances will be made available to the contestants. Contestants got a time limit of 90 minutes to replicate the dish.

Home cooks starts replicating the dish and Suvarna helped Dyuti as she was having some trouble in the early stages. Chef Anahita tells Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, and Garima Arora about the major points of her dish. All he cooks were having trouble in making potato rolls. Dyuti Banerjee was struggling with the time as her mutton was still raw after 60 minutes. Finally the 90 minutes time limit got up and home cooks were told to step back from their cooking platforms.

  • Santa Sarmah served her Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht dish first and Vikas Khanna said that it looks almost similar to the original version. Anahita Dhondy said that the stuffing is very neat. Ranveer Brar said that Santa has understood the little details in the dish and represented them really well.
  • Suvarna Bagul served her Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht dish next and she said that cooking mutton in this dish was the most difficult part. Potatoes in the dish were very thick as per chef Anahita. Ranveer Brar said that the mutton in her dish is borderline overcooked. Anahita said that her expectations were higher. Garima Arora said that our home cooks struggled a lot today.
  • Dyuti Banerjee came next and she did not have the plate with her. She said that she failed to do the plating in time. Ranveer Brar said that the time limit and having food on the plate were the most important parts of this pressure test. Garima Arora told her that you had 7 elements out of 8 ready but still you haven’t done the plating because of 1 element. Ranveer Brar tells her to bring her cooked elements. Dyuti was told to do the plating in front of the Chef’s and she did that in five minutes. Chef Anahita said that two elements are missing from the plate. Vikas Khanna said that he liked the presentation as well as cashew sauce. Garima Arora said that mutton’s proportion is very less. Chef Anahita said that her sauce is closest to mine.
  • Priyanka Kundu Biswas presented her Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht dish next to the Chef’s and they liked her overall presentation. All four Chef’s tasted her dish and Anahita Dhondy said that her dish was perfect. Ranveer Brar said swaad aagya. Vikas Khanna said that her dish had perfect, precision, and presentation.
  • Sachin Khatwani served his Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht dish next and foam was missing from his dish and Anahita praised some of his elements but he missed when it comes to seasoning. Garima Arora said that his attitude was not good towards the dish.
  • Finally Yashu Verma served his Bhaji Dana Ma Gosht dish at last and Anahita said that his dish has the most amount of mutton but there isn’t any seasoning. Garima Arora said that his potatoes are not cooked and he didn’t understood the reasoning of dish.

Finally Chef Anahita Dhondy left MasterChef India and then time came to announce the final results :

Fortune Dish of the Day – Priyanka Kundu Biswas

Garima Arora announced that they are not happy seeing this mediocrity and today two contestants will get eliminated.

  • Dyuti Banerjee gets eliminated from MasterChef India Season 7
  • Yashu Verma gets eliminated from MasterChef India Season 7

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