Karan tries to kiss Preeta – Kundali Bhagya 15 September 2020 Episode Written

Karan asks Preeta for what actions she is saying sorry then Karan says that he knows that she is angry as it is can be seen in her emotions. Preeta calms herself down saying that he can only see love in her eyes as she is not angry and she only has love for him with a lot of respect, Karan does not believe her but she stops him from talking by putting her finger on his lips and leans on his shoulder pleading with him to accept her as his wife and she will live with him as he is her husband but he does not understand. Preeta further says that she will give him the standard of God for her.

Preeta tells Karan that there can be fights in each and every relation but she is apologizing for her actions to him, he says that she will not call him the names that she does, she is forced to agree to his words, he was about to leave but she says that how can he leave like this as she sought his apology and he forgive her so they should hug, and when they hug, Karan relapses the moments that he has spent with her, they both go into a state of memory where they start remembering the special moments, while Sherlyn was not able to control Mahira who gets angry after hearing their conversation.

Sameer passes by the room, he thinks that Srishti was right as they both are standing outside the room of Karan and Preeta, he says that he would have to teach them a lesson, he touches Sherlynfrom behind and she calls Mahira by touching her. Sameer says that they should not be listening to Karan, Preeta’s conversation like this as it is not right, Sherlyn threatens him however he says that he will call Rishabh and he will talk with Sherlyn, they both leave the place, Sameer thinks that he has sent them both away and now must talk with Srishti.

Mahira and Sherlyn enters their room, Mahira says that she cannot understand why Sameer talked so rudely with her as how can he do something like this, Sherlyn answers that anyone who had seen them like that would have said the same thing as they were wrong, Mahira warns her to not say that she is wrong as she cannot bear it, Sherlyn answers that girls like Preeta only desire money and she will start fighting with Karan real soon so they must wait for it as it would be the moment that they would get what they desire.

Karan asks Preeta that what she said just now did she say it from her heart or was it just to please him, she gets back saying that it was not from heart as there is nothing of the sort because she was just teasing him, he gets closer to her saying that she should never tease him again. He says that she said that she is his wife and she must give him what he desires as she has gotten his right then he kisses her, Mahira relapses from her dream saying that she cannot even think of what she has just seen as it cannot happen.

Preeta in the room leaves Karan and sits on the other side of the bed, he says that she ws saying that she is the real deal but he will make her realize who he is, he calls for water and she answers that she does not need it, he says that he wants water and she should give it to him, she says that she will not follow the order as the water is right beside him, he goes to her saying that she was saying that she is his wife and would follow all his orders, but what has happened now, she says that she does not want to go into that character, he says that she should get out of the room but she however goes to lie down on the bed saying that she is his wife and has the same right like him on the bed so would not leave the room, they both start to quarrel when Preeta says that he can sleep on the couch, he asks that she is trying to order him but he will not follow them and would think of something new, he says that he would sleep on the terrace, he snatches the coushion and sheet before going to the terrace to sleep.

Sameer calls Srishti telling her that he was keeping an eye on both Mahira and Sherlyn and saw them sneaking into the room of Preeta and Karan, then when he threatened to call Rishabh they both left. He says that she must give him what she promised, and she tries to act as if the battery of the mobile is low, but he catches that she is lying and then she ends the call.

Preeta sees another pink cushion and thinks as to why he fought when there were two cushions then why did he fight with her, then she is also not able to sleep so goes to lock the window. She asks Karan if mosquitoes are biting him so he should come inside but he refuses saying that she was missing him so wants that he come inside as she wants to see his body but he would not give her the befit of the doubt she however answers that she was saying this because she has another response for him and it is that they are taking revenge from him for what he has done to her. They both start fighting and she says that there is a storm coming and it would rain so he should apologize and come inside but he refuses to listen to her ordering that she go back inside however she says that the window can only be opened from the inside and she would not open it again however he says that she must leave him alone.

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