MasterChef India Episode 3 January 2023 Written Details (Auditions Round) – Selected Contestants Names with Dishes Info

Auditions continued on MasterChef India Season 7 episode 2 which was aired on 3 January 2023 and we saw Chef Vikas Khanna taking the initiative of travelling to Assam to bring a young student to participate in this edition. Not only that we also get to see all three judges getting the taste of authentic Hyderabadi Biryani.

Chef Vikas Khanna got impressed by the food photos on Instagram shared by a young student named Nayanjyoti Saikia from Assam and he went to his home to meet him. Vikas also had the job in his hands to convince his father to let his son participate in MasterChef India Season 7 because his father wanted him to work in family their tea garden. Nayanjyoti prepared a dish for Vikas Khanna and he loved it. He got the permission to participate in MasterChef India Season 7 from his father.

MasterChef India Season 7 EP 2 Auditions – All Contestants Names and Bio Details with their Dishes Info and Selections :

First Contestant – Nayanjyoti Saikia (Student) – Age 26 Years – From Assam – He brought a dessert named Choux au Craquelin. Nayanjyoti told chef Garima Arora that making desserts is his speciality. All three judges tasted his dish and then they clicked a selfie with him while putting the apron on him.

Second Contestant – Aruna Vijay (Entrepreneur) – Age 36 Years – From Chennai – She said that Tamil Nadu food is more then Idli, Dosa, and Sambhar. She made a dessert named Madurai on a Plate which includes two elements. First one is a French dessert inspired Jigarthanda Panna Cotta and the second one is Kuttu Parotta Dumplings with Empty Salna which is a very popular Madurai street food. All three Chef’s said yes for her and she reached the next round after getting the apron.

Third Contestant – Deepa Chauhan (Entrepreneur) – Age 52 Years – From Bengaluru – She made Sindhi Curry Chawal with Aloo Tuk. She told the judges about her Baloch background which was very emotional. All three chef’s tasted her dish and then Ranveer Brar gave her a big yes, and after that Vikas Khanna and Garima Arora also said yes for her. She got the apron.

Fourth Contestant – Sayed Amjad Ullah also known as Amjad Lala (Entrepreneur) – Age 52 Years – From Hyderabad – He brought a traditional Hyderabadi Biryani with him. Garima and Vikas were fighting to eat the biryani first. Vikas Khanna was even licking his fingers while eating it. All three judges said yes and he gets the apron.

Fifth Contestant – Savurna Vijay Bagul (Homemaker) – Age 41 Years – From Mumbai – She made Sunday Special Maharashtrian Thali. Ranveer Brar said yes for her and she started crying loudly. Ranveer tells her that this thali is magic. Vikas Khanna puts the apron on her and she was crying during that.

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