MasterChef India Episode 23 January 2023 Written Updates – Mystery Box Challenge in Goa – Results and Details

MasterChef India Season 7 Episode 16 has been aired already on Sony TV on 23 January 2023 and we saw a mystery box challenge happening between 12 home cooks at the beaches of Goa. During the challenge, 6 cooks got disqualified and three head Chef’s tasted only 6 dishes. At the end, 2 contestants got declared as winners.

MasterChef India Season 7 EP 16 – Portuguese Ingredients Mystery Box Challenge Full Details with Winners Name :

All 12 contestants went to Goa and they loved going to another location outside of MasterChef India kitchen. Garima Arora tells home cooks to open mystery boxes and they opened them after which it was revealed that those boxes contained Portuguese ingredients and contestants have to prepare the dishes by using 4 ingredients at least.

Time limit of 60 minutes will be given to the home cooks but only 6 dishes out of 12 will be tasted by 3 Chef’s at the end as 6 dishes will get during the challenge. 3 dishes will get disqualified in the first 30 minutes for not being innovative and other 3 dishes will get disqualified for bad presentation after 60 minutes. 2 cooks with the best dishes will get a huge advantage. Amul Pantry will remain close during the entire challenge.

The Portuguese ingredients in the mystery boxes were as follows :

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Chilies
  • Cashews
  • Peanuts
  • Peru
  • Pineapple
  • Coconut Vinegar
  • Port Wine

All the home cooks started cooking and then three head chef’s started telling the cooks one by one that they need to remember that they need to be innovative by using these usual ingredients.

The three Cooks who got disqualified after first 30 minutes on the criteria of less innovation are :

  • Kamal Deep
  • Santa Sarmah
  • Avinash Patnaik

All the home cooks started continuing the preparation of their dishes and then the 60 minutes limit got up after which three Chef’s inspected the plates of all the cooks.

The three Cooks who got disqualified after 60 minutes on the criteria of bad presentation are :

  • Gurkirat Singh
  • Sachin Khatwani
  • Deepa Chauhan

Time came for tasting and then 3 Chef’s started tasting the dishes of 6 remaining contestants :

Aruna Vijay served her dish first and she made a Canape with Potato Leek Soup. All 3 chef’s tasted her dish and Vikas Khanna said that the profile of the dish is lovely. Garima Arora got impressed with the new form Aruna gave to familiar flavours. Ranveer Brar said that she gave all three of them a very nice surprise.

Nayanjyoti Saikia served his dish next to the Chef’s and Garima Arora tells him that when will you innovate outside of tart. Vikas Khanna tells him that we had higher expectations from him today. Garima Arora said that in terms of taste, his dish is very delicious.

Priya Vijan served Potato Pave to the Chef’s. Ranveer Brar said that her presentation is the best till now. Garima Arora loved the flavours of her dish and she said that it was her best dish so far.

Suvarna Bagul served Cashew Chicken Cake to the Chef’s and they loved the combination of Potatoes and Pineapple but the balance of Chillies was off.

Priyanka Kundu Biswas came next and she served a Deconstructed Upside Down Pineapple Cake to the Chef’s and they liked her dish a lot.

Vineet Yadav served a dish named Voyage to the Chef’s and Ranveer Brar said that he got attached a bit too much with the story of the dish because of which the dish got a bit dry because of less amount of sauce.

Finally time came to announce the results and then top 2 dishes got announced :

Priyanka Kundu Biswas and Priya Vijan were declared as the winners of the Portuguese mystery box challenge.

Fortune Dish of the Day – Priya Vijan (Potato Pave)

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