MTV Splitsvilla 14 EP 22 January 2023 Written Updates – Frisbee Challenge Results, Prakshi helps Hamid – Full Details

Todays Splitsvilla 14 Episode 22 on 22 January 2023 started with Tara Prasad coming to Sakshi’s room and he tells her that he wants to talk to her. Sakshi and Tara started talking in a corner and he tells her that you are playing a big game with me. Prakshi Goyal came there to clear misunderstandings with Tara and he tells her that I don’t want to play with anyone else other then Sakshi.

Sakshi tells Tara that you said in front of everyone that you don’t trust me anymore and Tara tells her that I know you are playing game. Sakshi tells him that yes I am playing and you can’t force your love on me.

Hamid Barkzi and Amir Hossein decided to break the trio of Justin Sakshi Tara. They decided that to eliminate one of them whenever they get the power. Hamid tells Sakshi that she needs to make a decision between Justin and Tara today.

Scrolls arrived and the contestants received gift hampers from Doctors choice which includes handbags and protein powder.

MTV Splitsvilla X4 Episode 22 – Frisbee Challenge Details and Winners Names – Prakshi Goyal Fight – Full Info :

Contestants arrived at the challenge location and Tara Prasad tells Arjun Bijlani that game is on. Tara says that he hasn’t pitched anyone to perform with and then both Hamid & Amir pounced on him. Tara says that his first and last priority is Sakshi. Tara tells Justin that Sakshi wasn’t playing game with me till the date happened and after that Justin had an argument with him.

Arjun Bijlani tells Tara that to stay here you need a plan and we are asking you about it. Kashish says that if I won’t perform with Mahek then Tara will perform with her and if not then I will perform with Mahek. Akashlina says that I won’t perform with anyone else.

Arjun Bijlani was trying to explain the details of the challenge but Tara was interrupting him and then Arjun bashed Tara.

Kiss Kiss Ko Pakdu Challenge Details – The task will happen between three teams with 2 couples each included and It was a frisbee based task. The team with most goals will win the task. Sohail will have a rope and he will stop the contestants from taking the frisbee while Prakshi will stand at the goalpost and she will stop couples from doing goals.

The three teams were as follows :

  • Hamid Barkzi and Soundous Moufakir paired with Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas
  • Tara Prasad and Mahek Sembhy paired with Kashish Thakur and Akashlina Chandra
  • Honey Kamboj and Moose Jattana paired with Amir Hossein and Pema Leilani

Sohail D and Prakshi Goyal didn’t performd the task because they didn’t got selected by any team.

Prakshi Goyal was blocking Honey Kamboj and Kashish Thakur’s frisbee’s and that shocked everyone.

The final results of Frisbee task were as follows with rankings and scores :

  • Winners – Team Hamid, Soundous, Justin, and Sakshi – Final Score – 8
  • Second Place – Team Tara, Mehak, Kashish, and Akashlina – Final Score – 5
  • Third Place – Team Honey, Moose, Amir, and Pema – Final Score – 0

Contestants came back to the villa and Kashish tells Justin that you guys won because of cheating. Amir started abusing Tara after then he rushed to beat him and other contestants stopped him.

Mehak Sembhy started shouting at Prakshi Goyal in the room for favouring Soundous Moufakir over her during the task. Honey, Kashish, and Tara came inside the room after which Honey tells Prakshi that Tara was begging me to save you but now I regret my decision. Kashish pounced on Prakshi and they both had an heated argument.

Prakshi was having breathing problem and she was crying. Soundous, Sakshi, Pema, Amir, Justin, Sohail, & Hamid came in the room and they gave water to Prakshi. Soundous tells Prakshi that you should speak up for yourself. Mahek says that she wants to talk to Prakshi for two minutes and Justin tells her to let her breathe first. Prakshi went in other room with Mahek and she told her while crying that she picked Justin and Sakshi over them because she believe them more.

Akashlina tells Kashish that if you want to become an ideal match with Mahek then go ahead and I am out. Akashlina went to Soundous and she started crying. Soundous tells Akashlina that if we get a chance to dump Mahek tomorrow then we will do it.

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