MasterChef India Episode 12 January 2023 Written Updates – Chef Guntas Sethi – European Mystery Box – Who Got Safe? Full Info

MasterChef India Season 7 episode 9 on Sony TV has been aired already and gorgeous Chef Guntas Sethi made a special appearance. All the unsafe contestants were given a European mystery box challenge and they were told to make dishes by using the 5 mystery ingredients inside the box. At the end of the challenge two contestants joined the safe home cooks gallery.

MasterChef India Season 7 European Mystery Box Challenge with Dishes Names :

Contestants were told to open the European mystery boxes and they got shocked seeing the unknown ingredients. Each box contained 10 ingredients and they have to make a world class dish by using 5 of those ingredients. 2 Home cooks will get safe by the end of this challenge and rest will compete in the black apron challenge tomorrow. Ranveer Brar tells contestants that Fortune Pantry will remain close today and contestants will get a time limit of 60 minutes to prepare their dishes in this challenge.

European Union Food Ambassador for More than Food Campaign India “Guntas Sethi” came as he special guest and she told contestants that European food needs to be seasoned well.

Urmila Baa was making Lasagna and both Ranveer Brar & Guntas Sethi got surprised that she is making a foreigner dish like this. Gurkirat Singh was taking instructions from the already safe contestants in the gallery and Ranveer Brar told him to take help but don’t lose your identity. Finally the 60 minutes time limit got up and contestants were told to step back from their cooking platforms.

All the unsafe contestants started serving their European dishes to all four Chef’s one by one in the following order :

Kamal Deep – Pan Seared Fish with Butternut Squash Puree – Garima Arora said that her fish got a bit overcooked but from inside its very moist. Garima loved her Puree. Guntas also liked her dish. Vikas loved the Garlic flavour in her fish.

Urmila Baa – Lasagna – Vikas Khanna said that the way she cooked the squash is perfect but as compared to her other dishes its a bit weak. Garima Arora said that even her Lasagna has some Gujarati flavour. Ranveer Brar said that he loved the taste of Pumpkin and Cheese but the layer of Cheese is a bit thick.

Santa Sarmah – Pan Seared Salmon – She told Garima that she gets inspiration for making such dishes by watching videos on internet. Garima said that her fish got a bit overcooked but everything else is good. Guntas Sethi said that overall her dish next time will be much better. Ranveer Brar said that the chutney of the dish is its biggest highlight but fish not that much.

Chef’s tasted the dishes made by Yashu, Vineet, and Sachin. Garima said that everyone struggled with cooking the duck today.

Priyanka Kundu Biswas – Thyme and Cheese Crusted Fish – Garima Arora liked her on point presentation and she told her good luck after tasting her dish. Ranveer Brar liked the sauce of her dish. Vikas Khanna tells her great job after tasting her dish. Gutas Sethi said that her fish is slightly overcooked but she did a significant job in 60 minutes.

Gurkirat Singh – Butternut Squash Tart – Ranveer Brar said that he has done justice to all the ingredients in his dish. Garima Arora said that she is having the feeling of eating halwa from Gurkirat’s dish. Vikas Khanna praised him saying that Gurkirat has set a new benchmark today.

Finally time came for the results and Chef’s announced the names of 2 home cooks who will get safe today :

Amul Dish of the Day – Gurkirat Singh

Gurkirat Singh and Kamal Deep gets safe from this week’s elimination

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