Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 1 April 2024 Written Updates – Savi’s Smartness leads Anvi to Justice

In todays Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode on 1 April 2024, the Bhosale family gets stunned after watching a video confession from Anvi detailing the harassment she endured from Mukul Mama. Anvi breaks down in tears, and Durva and Reeva show their concern for her well-being. Mukul attempts to defend himself by claiming the video is a deepfake orchestrated by Savi to tarnish his image using AI technology. However, Savi refutes his claims, asserting that the video is genuine and was recorded on her phone by Mukul’s wife, Apsara.

In a flashback, Savi confronts Apsara about her silence despite knowing about her husband’s misconduct towards Anvi. She accuses Apsara of being complicit and allowing her husband to mistreat Anvi. Apsara initially brushes off Savi’s concerns, but Savi’s revelation about Anvi’s suicide attempt prompts Apsara to feel guilty. Apsara then recalls handing Savi her phone for inspection, leading to the discovery of the incriminating recording.

Exiting the flashback, Savi recounts how she loaned her phone to Apsara to capture moments during a game, but Apsara accidentally dropped her own phone into the thandai. Apsara explains she intended to capture happy moments, unaware that her husband’s misconduct was being recorded.

Mukul sarcastically applauds Savi, accusing her of not only influencing Anvi but also Apsara. He alleges that Savi drugged Anvi with bhang-laced thandai to manipulate her into speaking against him. Savi vehemently denies these claims, asserting that Mukul himself was distributing the spiked thandai to everyone. She lambasts him for exploiting the family’s trust and mistreating their daughter, expressing her frustration at her unsuccessful attempts to expose his truth.

Ishaan intervenes, acknowledging Savi’s previous efforts to reveal the truth, which were disregarded by the family. He recalls giving Savi a final chance for Anvi’s sake, despite his initial dilemma of trusting her over Mukul, who he considered a father figure.

Returning to the present, Ishaan expresses gratitude that they trusted Savi, preventing them from blindly supporting Mukul and allowing Anvi to suffer. He thanks Savi for exposing Mukul’s true nature, expressing disbelief that his “mama” could commit such acts. Reeva feels saddened witnessing Ishaan’s trust in Savi, while Asmita expresses her gratitude towards her.

Mukul protests, insisting that Savi manipulated everyone. Nishi silences him, reproaching him for his audacity to harm his daughter. Mukul warns Ishaan against trusting Savi, but Nishi admits his regret for failing to understand his daughter’s pain sooner. He refrains from punishing Mukul for the family’s sake, though he acknowledges his deserving of severe punishment. Mukul urges Ishaan to trust him, emphasizing his paternal love for them. However, Ishaan expresses shame for trusting Mukul, regretting his decision.

Mukul dismisses their concerns, asserting his superiority over Bhosale family. In response, Surekha slaps him firmly.

Precap – Savi finds herself lost in a moment of happiness, lost in her own thoughts as the song “Kuch To Hua Hai” plays softly in the background. With a contented smile, she takes out her book and writes “I love Chidkiya” in it. Ishaan notices her writing and reads the words with curiosity.

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