Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 6 October 2020 Episode – Karan tells Mahira to leave Luthra house

Kareena says why Ramona is hugging Preeta Arora as Preeta has done very bad with her and her daughter. Ramona makes an announcement on stage that on the reception of Karan Luthra, bride and groom will do a dance together on stage. Mahira in the veil starts dancing with Karan on stage on ‘Bheeg Loon’ song (Ghunghat dance – this can happen only in Indian TV serials). During the dance performance Mahira gets too much touchy with Karan and he says what are you doing Preeta then she says that I am Mahira. Karan gets shocked and Mahira ran upstairs. All the members of the Luthra family got shocked. Kareena says that its very embarrassing because now people will think that they both had a fight and Karan followed Preeta. Sarla thinks why did Preeta ran away from the dance.

Mahira went in the bedroom and Karan came there saying what is this happening Mahira. Mahira starts acting like a psycho saying its my reception and my muh dikhai. Mahira further tells Karan that I am your wife not Preeta. Karan says Preeta is my wife then Mahira screams no she’s not. Mahira then says that you wanted to marry me so I just want you to accept me as your wife in front of guests and it will be a promise for me that you will marry me later. Karan says that its not a joke and are you out of your mind.

Karan tells Mahira that you don’t stay in my heart and she puts her hand on Karan’s mouth saying don’t say that otherwise I will die. Karan tells her that Preeta is my wife and she will get all the respect she deserves. Karan leaves the room telling Mahira to leave the Luthra house with her mom as soon as possible because she will get hurt seeing him and Preeta together. Karan further says that he will find Preeta on his own. Karan leaves the room saying take care to Mahira.

Sherlyn gets worried that her baby ‘Prithvi’ will get married to Preeta and she will lose him because of Mahira. Sherlyn sits in her car to stop the wedding but Rishabh came there and asks her about where is she going. Sherlyn says I am parking my car then Risahabh tells her to get out and he will park the car instead. Sherlyn gets out of the car and Rishabh leaves with the car. Sherlyn says to herself that she needs to talk to Mahira to stop Pawan from getting Prithvi and Preeta married.

Srishti was on her way to meet Janki. She was in a auto rickshaw and she receives message from Janki on her phone but auto rickshaw meets an accident and Srishti got injured. People on the road took Srishti to the hospital.

Pawan ties Preeta to a chair and he tells her that he is tying her for one last time before Priithv and her marriage. Preeta warns him that if her husband Karan Luthra came here then he will do something to Pawan that Pawan will remember all his life. Pawan tells Preeta to keep quiet and not to talk proudly about strange men.

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