Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 6 October 2020 Episode – Pragya confronts Rhea and slapped her

Rhea in the hospital was talking to someone on phone and Pragya came near her saying I love my daughter Prachi a lot. Rhea tells Pragya not to worry as Prachi will be alright soon and if something unfortunate happens to her then Rhea is here to take Prachi’s place in Pragya’s life and she will prove a better daughter then her. Pragya says to Rhea to stop showing fake concern for Prachi as she already knew the truth.

Ranbir was standing near Prachi’s room and he was concerned for her. He asked nurse about Prachi’s condition and she says that now its better. Pragya tells Rhea that she already loved her like her own daughter and tried to complete her family because Rhea lost her mom but instead Rhea tried to destroy Pragya’s family.

Rhea accepts everything in front of Pragya as how Rhea tried to prove Prachi characterless, tried to frame her in drugs matter and planned her accident. Pragya slapped Prachi very hard and she gets stunned. Sarita behan starts cursing Rhea that Rhea will lose her dad as well and he will come to Prachi. Rhea leaves from there in anger and Pragya tells Sarita Behan not to curse her.

Going back to her house Rhea in her car gets confronted by her innerself and it says to Rhea that why is she sad as she has almost put Prachi on death bed. Rhea says that I am happy. Her innerself says then why are you crying, is it because your heart melts for the one you started liking (Pragya). Rhea recalls about Sarita behan cursing her in hospital and then she meets a road accident.

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